Life in Argentina

The culture there is very fun-loving and upfront. Argentineans love to play music, go out to the clubs and dance all night, and eat lots of food (meat is eaten at almost every meal).Natalia from CA, Year Program
People in the U.S are a little more reserved than in Argentina. People there kiss, touch and stand close to each other all the time. No one owns anything, everyone shares everything. It was hard to get used to at first, but then you get home and it feels strange to share again.Kimberly from MN, Semester Program
If you are going to Argentina, be ready to walk a lot. They have very good public transportation to get you to the general area you want to go, but after getting to the center of town you will be walking everywhere you goBoone from MO, Year Program
The emphasis on family was the cultural difference that struck me as the most distinct from the US culture. I enjoyed spending time with my host parents and siblings on a daily basis while drinking mate and at mealtimes and with my host grandparents, uncles/ aunts, and cousins on a weekly basis. Danielle from WI, Year Program
If you aren't going with any Spanish, everyone will likely try to speak to you in the little broken English that they know. Don't feel like they're making fun of you! They may be acting silly, but are really making a genuine attempt to get to know youMary from MT, Year Program
Don't be afraid to get a little lost in your host town or city. The taxis in larger cities are very nice and are willing to work with you to get you to the bus stop. Just don't go alone. Always go with somebody who knows the area.Boone from MO, Year Program
Having to get up every morning to put on a uniform and attend Catholic school and have religion class was extremely different than the public schools I had gone to here in the US.Natalia from CA, Year Program
The most difficult thing for me was that everyone was always interrupting each other. Very rarely would someone actually wait for someone else to finish talking before they would start. Though my social life usually went late into the night and into the morning, I did not find it hard to adjust.Johanna from NE, Summer High School Program
When in Argentina, don't say you are "americano or americana". They get really offended. Say "Soy estadounidense" or "norteamericano/a.Elena from MA, Year Program

Digging Deeper

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  • The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)
  • Made in Argentina (1987)
  • Bombón: El Perro (2004)
  • Conquistadors (4-part series, 2000)
  • The Take (2004)
  • Evita (1996)
  • The Argentina Reader: History, Culture, Politics
  • Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent
  • Argentina - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture 
  • Buenos Aires: A Cultural History
  • In Patagonia
  • Argentina: A Traveler’s Literary Companion
  • Labyrinths
  • The Food and Cooking Of Argentina: 65 Traditional Recipes from the Heart of South America-- Cesar Bartolini
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