Making a difference in the world begins with understanding your place in it.

Build 21st century skills

Globally competent thinkers are in high demand, so the time is right to travel and learn in a thrilling environment abroad. A unique, full immersion experience can lead you even deeper than language fluency toward true cultural fluency. Develop the skills necessary to be a leader, with the ability to understand diverse perspectives and communicate effectively across cultures.

Learn from locals

AFS Programs are made possible by local expertise. From living with a host family to being supported by experienced volunteers, your journey will be led by people in the local community who value authentic experiences with your health and safety as the top priority.

Alliance and CSIET Logos

As a leader in the international education industry, AFS has been a fully listed member of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) for over 30 years, and is audited annually to ensure compliance with the program standards set forth by CSIET.

Join a global community

Going abroad is about connecting to a worldwide community of like-minded people. 100 years ago, the founders of AFS discovered the importance of intercultural exchange; today, you can be part of their legacy and join a network of 400,000 alumni who proudly call themselves AFSers from the moment of their departure and for the rest of their lives.

The AFS mission is driven in principle and in practice by a commitment to diversity and inclusivity among our participants, staff, host families, and volunteers.

Spark a lifetime of global adventures and a passion for change

When AFSers describe their experience, “transformational” is a word they often use. As they grow to be articulate communicators, inspired scholars, and accomplished globetrotters, their AFS experiences inform how they choose to leave their mark. This is your chance to discover your passion and build a foundation that can guide you through college, career, and beyond.

Take the first step toward changing your world

Whether you’re preparing for college or a solo trek through the Amazon.

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