Seeds for Peace

AFS has been spreading “seeds for peace” through international education for more than 70 years.

Will your family plant a seed for peace by hosting a high school exchange student?

A flower blossoms with time and care.

The AFS exchange experience benefits both the international student and their host family.

From the first meeting to the farewell hug, the bond between student and family grows and blossoms into something truly special that they will carry with them for years to come.

A strong stem provides balance and support for healthy growth.

Over 4,400 local AFS Volunteers serve as the support system connecting the national organization to hundreds of communities across the nation. Each host family and student have a primary volunteer liaison nearby to support them throughout the experience.

Host families go about their normal daily lives, enriched by the joys of sharing their traditions while learning about their exchange student’s culture and customs. Some of the best moments of exchange happen right at the dinner table.

Leaves turn sunlight into energy to nourish the flower.

AFS students become members of their host communities through active involvement in high school life, extracurricular activities and community service.

The friends, teachers, and coaches they meet will expand the impact of the cultural exchange by connecting cultures and sharing perspectives.

At the base of the flower is a sturdy foundation.

AFS Host Families are families like yours. They come in all shapes and sizes, and have created a global community through welcoming students into their homes and their lives.

Families can host for as little as six weeks as a ‘welcome family,’ or up to a full school year. Each experience brings opportunities for bringing new cultures and traditions into your family and the chance to create a lifelong, global bond with a new son or daughter.

A garden of peace is planted one seed at a time.

Will your family plant a seed for peace by hosting an exchange student? To learn more, complete the form below. A local volunteer or staff will be in touch with you soon!


To learn more, complete the form below.

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AFS began as a volunteer ambulance driver corps in 1915. The volunteer drivers re-established AFS in 1947 as a student exchange provider, to promote better understanding between cultures of the world. Today, more than 2,300 students arrive in the U.S. each year, eager to experience American life and share their culture with their host families, classmates, and new community. When they return home, they bring their new experiences to share with family and friends, continuing to spread cross-cultural understanding.