For more than 70 years, AFS has been shaping global citizens around the world. Whether it’s high school exchange or summer study abroad, we know how to provide authentic and secure cultural immersion experiences. Through AFS Global Prep, you can accompany your students on a meaningful and relevant experience abroad tailored to your curriculum, while we cover the logistics.

Why Global Prep?

Global Competency

  • Deep cultural dives in just 1 to 3 weeks
  • Develop intercultural awareness and communication skills
  • Focus on themes and projects such as sustainability, environmental conservation, or human rights

College and Career Preparation

  • Build your resume! 88% of students reported gaining valuable experience for college and career
  • Lean into current events or historical perspectives first hand, and bring real world experience back to the classroom
  • Cultivate leadership and interpersonal skills like empathy, creativity, and confidence

Safety and Support

  • Our network of staff and volunteers support you throughout your journey
  • 24-hour assistance and health coverage are ready in case of emergency

How does it work?

  1. Explore our programs
    Browse our Global Prep programs below and discover our diverse program catalog.
  2. Contact us
    Identify a few of our destinations or program types that will fit your class needs and contact us at [email protected] to discuss possible modifications to help best fit our programs to your needs.*
  3. We handle the logistics while you get your class excited
    We’ll work with our international partners to confirm that they can accommodate your group and your special requests (if any). Once the details are confirmed and agreed upon, we’ll provide a web page and an application that is specific to your group. Your students can start signing up and we’ll coordinate the rest!

*Note that edits to the program itinerary may impact fees.

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Our Programs


Argentina: Human Rights and Cultural Exploration

Advance your Spanish-speaking skills and participate in human rights workshops on this immersive Global Prep program in Argentina.

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Brazil: Amazon River Odyssey

Embark on an epic trip down the Amazon, gaining insight into Brazilian culture and rainforest wildlife along the way.

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China: Sustainable Development and Chinese Culture

Explore sustainability issues from a unique international perspective while living with a host family in China.

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Colombia: Ecotourism & Culture

Spend two weeks in Colombia immersing yourself in friendly Latin culture and exploring the unique city of Popayan.

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Aerial view of western Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Ecotourism & Culture

Immerse yourself in a new culture by touring rainforests, caves and beaches, and meeting the indigenous Boruca people.

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Czech Republic Global Prep

Being Bohemian: Explorations of Art and History

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Clay brick stairs in an ancient large house

Egypt: Islamic Culture & History

Learn about the rich history of Islam in Egypt while building your Arabic skills and living with a host family.

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Germany: Comparative Journalism in Cologne

Fake News and How to Spot It. Explore topics in contemporary journalism on a two-week adventure in the historic city of Cologne.

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Ghana: Past and Present Perspectives in West Africa

Explore Ghana’s friendly culture and complex history through dance, music, language lessons, and art.

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Ireland: Irish History and Culture (College Credit)

Engage in social justice and peace & conflict studies while exploring the natural beauty of the Western coast of Ireland.

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Mt. Fuji with fall colors in Japan.

Japan: Culture & School Life

Get to know local high schoolers and learn Japanese while exploring the culture and cuisine of Sapporo.

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Kenya: Wildlife Conservation

Discover the real meaning of safari on a two week adventure in Kenya.

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New Zealand: Sustainability and the Environment

Learn how to be an environmental guardian and develop sustainable solutions with young changemakers at Festival for the Future.

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Old market square in Poznan

Poland: Exploring the City and Countryside

Learn about the history, art, and food of Poland while exploring the city of Krakow and the nearby countryside.

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San Diego, CA: Global Studies in an International Context

Explore current global affairs with students from around the world, amidst the beauty and sun of UC San Diego in California.

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Valencia orange trees in Spain

Spain: Modern Spanish Culture & Language

Improve your Spanish, volunteer, and experience lively local culture on a two week adventure in Spain.

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