AFS Returnee FAQ

I went abroad years ago with AFS. How do I reconnect with my host family and friends?

Email with the details and AFS will help you out.

Need Proof of Program Completion?

If you are looking for a community service certification or official proof of program completion for a school or employment opportunity, email and we’ll set you up.

How do I let AFS know if I moved or changed my email address?

It’s easy. Any time your contact information changes, just let us know. Email us at

Are there any AFS Returnees in my area?

Most likely, yes! With more than 115,000 AFS Returnees in the U.S., there are AFSers just about everywhere. AFS is in communities across the United States. Just put in your zip code at the bottom of our Volunteer page to visit the webpage of your local Team and find out what's going on in your neighborhood.

How can I stay in the loop with AFS?

  1. Join the AFS-USA Returnee Reconnect on Facebook , AFS Intercultural Program Returnees on LinkedIn and follow @AFS_USA on Instagram.
  2. Update your contact info so AFS can keep you in the loop! Email us at
  3. Check out the Returnee Blog for AFS news and opportunities. 

What support does AFS offer Returnees interested in another AFS experience?

All Returnees should check out AFS Next. AFS Next offers volunteer, internship and college credit programs abroad for global learners ages 18 and up!

Are there opportunities to work or intern for AFS-USA?

Yes! Internships are posted on Returnee Reconnect on Facebook, and you can find more on the AFS Jobs page.

How can I register to volunteer with AFS?

Many AFS Returnees become AFS Volunteers. Learn about the many ways you can share your experience and stay involved in the AFS Community on our Volunteer page.

Any other questions, email us at