AFS Scavenger Hunt in Chicago!

January 5, 2015 - AFS returnees in Chicago recently shined as the organizers of a scavenger hunt that brought together hosted students, volunteers, potential AFSers, and other returnees for some fun and lighthearted competition!

Caroline Jevon, AFS returnee ( Spain, 2013-2014), volunteer, host sister, AND one of the scavenger hunt's organizers, writes about the experience:

"The AFS-USA returnees from Chicago designed a scavenger hunt for all of the kids who are in the Greater Chicago Area. We made it in downtown Chicago on the famed "Mag Mile." There was an art exhibit going on around Michigan Ave at this time, honoring a fallen Chicago Police Department cop, so there were horse statues down the whole street, each honoring the police officer and other parts of Chicago. Each scavenger hunt group received a different list of clues, which required them to find either Chicago landmarks or find a specific horse that satisfied the clue."

Our whole team in front of the Chicago Blackhawks (Go Hawks!) horse.

"The scavenger hunt went great! The group I led won 2nd place with 38 points, we were only one point behind the winners. It was so much fun to spend the afternoon showing the students downtown Chicago."

Me with members of my team in front of the Chicago River.