Project: Change turns U.S. teens into changemakers and global citizens.

About AFS Project: Change

AFS Project: Change is a scholarship contest open to U.S. 8th – 12th grade students to encourage them to develop their critical thinking and changemaking skills. In classrooms or at home, participants are challenged to research how to work toward at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in an applicable AFS Global Prep country. Then, participants submit a proposal for a project idea that could have a meaningful impact in their chosen country.

Five winners will receive a full scholarship to learn principles and practices of international development and workshop their project idea. Participants will get the chance to work with a community abroad while learning about existing development projects and efforts to meet the relevant Sustainable Development Goals. Throughout, participants will cultivate their global competence through intercultural exchange. When they return from the Project: Change trip, they will be prepared to develop and implement projects to create change in their home communities.

Since its launch in 2014, AFS Project: Change has inspired thousands of teens to analyze the issues that impact our world and develop innovative, volunteer-based solutions. With these lesson plans and resources, educators can seamlessly bring Project: Change into their classrooms to facilitate global learning, foster 21st century skills, and help students realize their potential for impact on sustainable development and human rights issues.

Project: Change - Impact Infographic

Volunteer projects have taken place in Colombia, Guatemala, India, Kenya, and Russia.

Empowering children through story-telling in Colombia

Project inspired by Katie E. of Milwaukee, WI.

Leading sustainability workshops in Guatemala

Project inspired by Erin S. from Madison, WI.

Connecting with Maasai culture and wildlife conservation in Kenya

Project inspired by Clare G. from Orono, MN

Educating youth about hunger and nutrition in India

Project inspired by Sai S. of Virginia Beach, VA.

Preserving and documenting cultural heritage in Russia

Project inspired by Sam H. of Cranbury, NJ.

I thought the Project Change entries would be a great introduction to research. I had both of my 8th grade classes complete the entries and submit during class. They really got into the projects, and they were excited!
- Carly M., English teacher from Louisiana

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