Project: Change Blog

  • Announcing the Winners of the 2017-2018 Project: Change Contest

    Five young change-makers will travel to Kenya this summer to carry out a volunteer project focusing on empowering children to succeed through education.

  • Your Guide to Creating an Epic Project: Change Entry

    Want to win a full scholarship to go abroad? Here's how you can create an outstanding idea for the AFS Project: Change contest!

  • 11 Volunteer Ideas for Make a Difference Day 2017

    These activities are sure to make a meaningful impact (and look amazing on your college application too).

  • 7 young activists who are changing the world

    Find out how these teens got involved in issues that matter to them, and get inspired to bring your own change-making vision to life!

  • 2016-2017 Project: Change Contest Winners Announced!

    March 8, 2017 - AFS-USA is pleased to announce the next generation of young change-makers!

  • Make a Change in: Hunger and Nutrition

    To help you win that free, life-changing trip abroad, we're taking a look at some of the organizations that are working to fight hunger and food insecurity.

  • Make a change in: Arts & Technology

    By combining arts and technology, innovators around the world have found creative ways to improve people’s lives.

  • Make a Change in: Human Rights & Cultural Understanding

    Learn about a few of the programs that are helping to advance human rights and cultural understanding.

  • Make a Change in: Sustainability

    To spark your creativity, read up on these sustainability projects that are making a difference in communities around the world.

  • Make a change in: Global education

    Let's take a look at some of the existing programs that are creating new educational opportunities for children.

  • How one 8th grader is changing the face of nutrition education in India

    When a teacher encouraged him to enter AFS Project: Change, Sai realized that the contest was a perfect match for his interest in creating change.

  • Imagine Change in... India

    Indian society, politics, and technology are continuously modernizing, and this progress has been especially remarkable over the past few decades.

  • Imagine Change in... Colombia

    With your Project: Change idea, you could help inspire change in Colombia as the country moves toward a bright future.

  • 2014's Winning Projects

    Project: Change gives young people the chance to follow their own vision and develop a volunteer project in 1 of 10 countries.

  • The Lesser-Known Impacts of Volunteering Abroad

    Everyone knows that volunteer projects bring help to those in need. But few people realize that volunteering is intercultural learning at its best.