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Intercultural study tour in Germany

Spend your summer on a study tour in Germany, exploring German culture in the historic city of Karlsruhe. During your two weeks abroad, you’ll be staying with your group near the Karlshochschule International University in Karlsruhe, where you’ll attend intercultural classes and workshops.

Experience German culture in Karlsruhe

The city of Karlsruhe is located in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany. It’s nicknamed the “fan-city” because of the city’s 32 streets that extend out like the blades of a fan from the palace tower at the city’s center. In Karlsruhe, you’ll experience Germany’s cultural diversity first-hand as you wander the various neighborhoods and interact with people of different nationalities.

At the end of your adventure abroad, you can expect to come away with a deeper understanding of intercultural development in both Germany and the wider world.

Eligibility Requirements

The study tour in Germany program is open to young adults and professionals ages 18 to 35. This opportunity is ideal for people who have a background in intercultural learning as well as interest in exploring German culture.


Where you’ll stay

During your study tour in Germany you’ll stay at a hotel near the Karlshochschule International University campus in Karlsruhe. While single room accommodation is possible for an additional fee, most participants will share a double bedroom with a (same-sex) member of the group. Breakfast will be provided every morning, but you’ll be responsible for lunch and dinner.



Study Tour in Germany: Tracks and Courses

During your study your in Germany, you and your group will spend two weeks taking classes focused on intercultural development. You can choose one of two tracks: Intercultural Cooperation or Intercultural Integration, with a variety of additional courses on subjects like conflict resolution and diversity.

You’ll attend lectures and workshops led by educators at Karlshochschule University and experienced instructors from the InterCultur network in Germany. As you explore contemporary topics with people from around the world, you’ll gain valuable global experience and develop insights that extend beyond the classroom.

Track 1: Intercultural Cooperation

Week 1, International Relations: This course focuses on some of the principal rules and policies of international cooperation. In order to gain a complete understanding of the topic, you’ll study the basics of political science and cover some cases of regional and border-crossing integration processes.

Week 2, Intercultural Conflict Resolution: Today’s societies are often divided due to the influx of immigrants and refugees, but also because of historical developments like colonialism, economic dynamics, and globalization. This course introduces the basic ideas of international conflict resolution and peace research, and participants will study some exemplary cases.

Track 2: Intercultural Integration

Week 1, Cultural Diversity: This course will help you develop a solid foundation in the study of cultural diversity. Diversity is in many ways a product of societal conditions, but you and group will investigate how it is also an expression of social identity. A deeper understanding of this perspective will shed light on current cultural systems.

Week 2, Diversity and Sustainable Integration: The theories of exclusion and inclusion in recent sociological and cultural research show that discrimination in leadership behavior is strongly linked to stereotypes and learned biases. In this course, you’ll discover how developing sustainable solutions for diverse societies can help overcome these challenges.


Things to do

Travel options during your study tour in Germany

During your time in Germany, you’ll have the chance to visit the nearby German city of Heidelberg, where you can explore local cafes and browse through quaint shops for souvenirs. Your group may also take a trip to Strasbourg in France, a picturesque city near the Rhine River that is influenced by both French and German cultures.

Throughout your study tour in Germany, you can also spend your free time visiting the countryside for outdoor activities such as canoeing or rope climbing.

Intercultural Study Tour in Germany: Important Facts

  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Affiliated institutions: Karlshochschule International University and InterCultur (a subsidiary of AFS Germany)
  • Scholarship information available upon request
  • Application deadline: June 1, 2020
  • Program departs: July 2020

A new you awaits.

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