Once your student arrives in the U.S. and your home, AFS’ job doesn’t end there! AFS has a support network poised to help your family and exchange student learn through the ups and downs of the experience.

People who will support you throughout your experience


Each host family and student are assigned a local volunteer liaison. Liaisons communicate with you and your student individually at least once a month. If a conflict is identified by your family or student, your liaison is the first line of support to resolve the issue. Liaisons are also responsible for communicating with the student’s school or counselor during the year.

AFS Staff

AFS staff are responsible for facilitating communication with partner countries about any concerns or questions that require the input of the natural family while a hosted student is on program. In most cases, your liaison is best suited to deal with issues directly.

Duty Officer

Should you or your student ever have an emergency, you will have access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our Duty Officer system. The duty officer can be reached during the evenings and on weekends at an 800 number provided to you once you become a host family.

Group of hosted students and volunteers

Host Family Orientation

Your family and student are required to attend several local orientations throughout the experience. These orientations are usually scheduled at critical junctures in the cultural adjustment cycle to provide guidance and support to both you and your student.

Participants receive information on personal safety as part of their orientation to the AFS experience. We encourage all participants and host parents to discuss this information with each other and their liaison.