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NSHSS Members Host an AFS Exchange Student
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NSHSS Members and Educators, Host an AFS Exchange Student!

If learning is your passion, the experience of hosting an international exchange student in your home is the opportunity of a lifetime. You can get unbeatable access to another culture and perspective by welcoming an AFS student into your home and in turn, you can share aspects of American life with a visitor from abroad.

NSHSS members and AFS students are a perfect match. Both are considered leaders and role models in their communities, so hosting is a great way for both parents and children to expand their views of the world and gain an educational advantage in global competency. It’s an immersive intercultural experience that has lifelong benefits, including better understanding of other cultures, fluency in multiple communication styles, and the ability to view world events in a broader context.

Choose to bring the world home this fall by hosting an AFS international high school exchange student for a year, semester, or for 6-10 weeks as a welcome family. A trained local volunteer will support you and your exchange student throughout the year, as you learn about each other and share new experiences. There is no typical family. All that’s needed is a curiosity and interest in the world, and the ability to provide a bed and meals.

Each year, AFS-USA welcomes 2,300 international high school students from 90 countries to the US to live with host families and attend local schools.
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An additional opportunity available to NSHSS students is to study abroad this summer on an AFS exchange program. Summer programs are offered in 20+ counties and are focused on community service, language learning, or cultural immersion. NSHSS students receive $50 off the application fee and $500 off the program tuition by using the promo code NSHSS when starting an application. See below for the full details.

Our special offer to all NSHSS members includes:

 $50 off your
application fee
 $500 off your
program tuition*

* Offer available for year, semester, and 4-8 week summer programs.