One important characteristic of the exchange programs sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, is an emphasize on volunteerism. The spirit of volunteerism has always been the main highlight of these programs whether it is during the exchange period or even after students have completed the program. Every year, the U.S Department of State awards students who have displayed outstanding service to their community!

100 Hours of Community Service

YES, FLEX and CBYX students who complete 100 or more hours of volunteer service during their exchange year are eligible to receive a certificate signed by a high-ranking official of the Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs (of the U.S Department of State). Students must keep track of their hours and submit a Tracking Sheet to their cluster coordinators in May.

Download Student Community Service Hours Tracking Sheet


AFS Staff will communicate the deadline for submitting volunteer hour tracking sheets towards the end of the program year. Tracking sheets are usually due in early May. If students have not finished completing 100+ hours of community service before the deadline, but do plan to continue logging hours before they depart from program, that’s not a problem. In that case, students should submit their tracking sheet by the appropriate deadline and keep doing volunteer hours. AFS staff will check with students and cluster coordinators before they depart to find out if they have completed the hours and are eligible for a certificate.