Our Students from Ukraine

Our Students from Ukraine

A mural done in traditional style in Kiev, Ukraine

FLEX Students

All students from Ukraine are Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program scholarship winners. Click here to learn more about the FLEX Program.

Country Information

Ukraine is the second largest country in Eastern Europe and ranked 8th in global tourist destinations. With a culture rich in the arts, particularly in writing, graphic art, painting, theater, and sport, Ukraine offers a wealth to learn from your exchange student.

Lifestyle and Family

Ukrainian culture is influenced by Christian beliefs and Western style from its neighbors. Traditional male and female roles have been widely recognized with women taking care of the home or in subordinate positions if they have outside work. Families were rarely multigenerational but with current shortages in housing, newlyweds sometimes live with the husband’s parents after marrying. A well-cared for child is a traditional source of family pride. Grand parents tend to play a larger role in the raising of grand children.

Teen Life and Sports

Thanks to Russia’s influence on physical education, Ukraine has many sport facilities left over from the Soviet Union and soccer is by far one of the most popular sports played by Ukrainian teens. Because of the harsh economic climate, teens must find inexpensive ways to fill their time and convene with their friends.


The traditional Ukrainian diet includes chicken, pork, beef, fish and mushrooms. Ukrainians also tend to eat a lot of potatoes, grains, fresh and pickled vegetables. Popular traditional dishes include varenyky (boiled dumplings with mushrooms, potatoes, sauerkraut, cottage cheese or cherries), borscht (soup made of beets, cabbage and mushrooms or meat) and holubtsy (stuffed cabbage rolls filled with rice, carrots and meat). Ukrainian specialties also include Chicken Kiev and Kiev Cake. Ukrainians drink stewed fruit, juices, milk, buttermilk (they make cottage cheese from this), mineral water, tea and coffee.

Language and Religion

Ukrainian is the official language and secondary languages are Russian, Tatar and Crimean. The majority of the population is Christian.

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