Our Students from Serbia

Our Students from Serbia

Serbian Country Side

Country Information

Serbia is a landlocked country in the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe with a beautiful landscape that consists of ancient mountains, hills, plains, basins, etc. Serbia was one of six republics that made up Yugoslavia, which broke up in the 90s.

Lifestyle and Family

Serbian youthFamily is an integral part of the Serbian society where every member is protective of one another. Extended family tends to live in close proximity to one another in Serbia. Serbs are friendly people full of warm hospitality, and always welcome their guests with lots of food and drinks.

Teen Life and Sports

Football, basketball, tennis and volleyball are among the most popular sports in Serbia. Teens are outgoing and talkative, love to socialize with one another as well as play different sports. 

Food preparation brings friends and family together in Serbia. Serbian cuisine offers a great variety, sharing the characteristics of the Balkans, Turkish and Hungarian cuisines. The main staples of Serbian food are meat, bread, dairy products and fruits. ćevapčići is one of the best known grilled meat dishes.

Language and Religion

Serbian is the official language in the country, though Hungarian, Romany, Bosniak, Albanian are spoken among those ethnic groups. The majority of Serbian people (nearly 85%) have a strong connection with Serbian Orthodox church. The rest of the people are mainly Catholics and Muslims.

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