Our Students from Paraguay

A family in Paraguay. Photo via Flickr by Olmo Calvo Rodríguez.

Country Information

Paraguay is a country alive with tradition, fusing the indigenous Guaraní Indian culture with the culture of the Spanish conquistadors. It proudly keeps alive its native arts, crafts, music, instruments and dance. Paraguayan social life revolves around the family and sports, especially soccer.

Lifestyle and Family

Day to day life in Paraguay is conducted at a peaceful, leisurely pace life, sometimes seemingly preserved from an earlier time. In families, supervising the children and managing the household are typically the responsibilities of wives while husbands are more occupied with work outside the home. Paraguayans are usually protective of their children, especially daughters. Parents expect to know when their children are going out and where they are going. Most social activities, vacations, and weekends are family events.

Students from Paraguay are likely to live under conditions very different from those at your home. Some families will not have modern facilities and the level of material comfort can be much lower than that of the typical wealthier household. Few homes have air conditioning, washing machines, dishwashers or microwave ovens.

Teen Life and Sports

Paraguayan teenagers like to go out together as a group; they play sports, have picnics, go to parties or a movie, take walks or hang out in parks.


Paraguayans dress casually with Western influence. Many of their clothing are light weight for the humid weather. Students wear uniforms to school.


Paraguayans are accustomed to large meals at lunch and dinner, but breakfast is quick and light (milk, coffee or tea and bread). Corn, rice, potatoes and wheat are important staples, as are fruits in season. Sopa Paraguaya, considered the most traditional dish, is a corn flour cake made with eggs, milk, cheese and onions. Paraguayan families eat their main meal of the day together, and on Sunday the extended family gathers for dinner.

Language and Religion

There are two official languages in Paraguay: Spanish and Guaraní. Most Paraguayans either speak or understand both languages. The majority of Paraguayans are Roman Catholic.

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