Our Students from Mexico

Our Students from Mexico

Traditional Mexican dancers preparing to perform

Country Information

Mexicans are typically relaxed, casual, and always ready to be with family and friends. Though many of its rural towns retain a 19th-century appeal, Mexico is one of the world’s fastest-growing industrial economies. Mexico encompasses deserts, jungles, mountains, beaches, volcanoes, and ancient Aztec pyramids.

Lifestyle and Family

Mexicans are warm and hospitable people. The family is the strongest institution in the society. A household may include aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. Generally, the wife has the responsibility of supervising the children and managing the household; the husband usually works outside the home. The family is the center of social activity. There will likely be many family outings to museums, parks, etc.

Mexican families are very affectionate and protective of children. Teenagers are expected to show respect for their parents and elders and to let them know when they are going out, where, with whom and when they will be home.

Teen Life and Sports

Football (soccer) is the most popular sport, and it is played in cities and towns wherever there is an empty field. Baseball, tennis and jogging are also popular. Teenagers gather in groups on the weekends to hang out in a central plaza or to go to discos and movies. Many schools offer extracurricular activities such as sports and crafts clubs. Dating is customary but is normally done in groups, not couples.


Staple foods include corn, beans and chilies. They are combined with spices, vegetables, meats or fish in daily meals. It is customary for the whole family to eat the same foods at meals together.

Language and Religion

Spanish is the primary language of Mexico, but there are over 100 indigenous languages spoken. The majority of the country (76%) is Roman Catholic.

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