Our Students from Argentina

Caminito, Buenos Aires

Country Information

Argentina, a land of gauchos and tango, is also home to Iguazú Falls in the rainforest, glacier-topped mountains and penguin colonies.

Sophisticated and lively Buenos Aires offers a variety of entertainment, from the Avenida 9 de Julio—one of the widest streets in the world—to opera at the world-renowned Teatro Colón, to sipping mate (an energizing herbal brew) with friends. Argentina values culture, tradition, and hospitality.

Lifestyle and Family

Family life plays a central role in the social structure of Argentina. Families tend to be close-knit, are warm, and affection is shown regularly. Grandparents often live at home and many extended family members are always nearby.

Argentine families are protective of their children and expect to know when and where their children are going out.

Teen Life and Sports

Argentine teens have very active social lives, meeting with friends after school and going out to eat, the cinema and dancing on weekends. Friends are around so often in fact, that teens seem to lack much privacy and may consider their friend’s property theirs as well. Most students are a part of sports teams.


Argentina is a large and proud cattle raising country, so beef is present at almost every meal. There is also a strong Italian influence which dictates much of the diet. Argentines normally have a large lunch followed by a siesta and a large meal late at night, normally after 9:30pm. Mate is also a common beverage that nearly every Argentine drinks and is more of a socializing element than as a beverage. It is similar to green tea and is served in hand made mugs to be passed around from person to person. Your host student is likely to bring their own mate to share. It can also be bought at specialty grocery stores.

Language and Religion

Spanish is the dominant language, though many people understand Italian. German, French and English are also spoken. 92% of Argentines are Roman Catholic but are very accepting of other religions.

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