Guidelines for the Community College Program

AFS Participants Must Follow US Laws, Local, State and National

ALCOHOL: Anyone under 21 is not legally allowed to consume alcohol.  Alcohol Policy in the USA

SMOKING: Smoking in most public areas is prohibited.  Smoking Regulations in the USA


  • Students on an F-1 visa (or a special J-1 for college students) must attend classes to maintain their status.
  • Students on an F-1 (or a special J-1 for college students) visa must maintain a course load of 12 credits for full time student status.
  • Students are not allowed to be employed the first year of school.  If students choose to stay in the USA at the community college and work towards their Associates Degree, then in the second year of school they can apply to work - on campus only
  • VISA application instructions for the Inbound Student

PORNOGRAPHY: No one is allowed to download pornographic material on their computers.  This is considered a crime.  The Law Regarding Internet Pornography

ILLEGAL DRUG USE: What drugs are illegal in the US?  The Law Regarding Illegal Drugs

DRIVING: Students that plan to drive must sign the Driving Waiver and Drive Legally.  Your host family is not responsible for providing you with a vehicle or insurance.  Download the Community College Program Driving Waiver.

Independent Travel and Activity Waiver:  All AFS Community College Students must sign this waiver prior to arrival. This waiver covers all independent travel during the program period.  Students are discouraged from engaging in Independent Travel during the first 3 months of their program, after which students may travel after reviewing their plans with their host family and liaison. Download the Independent Travel & Activity Waiver.

PROGRAM EXPECTATIONS: Students sign the following Program Expectations document.  Download the Program Expectations.

PROGRAM RELEASE: Students may Program Release at the end of their program and stay in the USA for up to two extra months.  Download the Program Release that students must sign if they choose to stay.

FAQs: For more information about the program design and Frequently Asked Questions – please use this link: FAQs about the CC Program