Community College Host Program

The AFS Community College Program is a valuable opportunity for international students to prepare for higher education, improve their English, and experience American family life. Thanks to you, they get a warm and genuine introduction to US culture that they wouldn't get by landing in a dorm room and being left to their own devices.

Community College Host Family

A home away from home

As a host family, you provide an AFS student with a place to sleep and study while also including them in family meals and activities. To help offset the costs, AFS provides your family with a stipend of $300 per month.

AFS Community College students are enrolled in a full-time college program that introduces them to academic life in the United States while also providing them with intensive English language training. They can eventually transfer into a regular degree program in the field of their choice.

AFS Community College students tend to be quite busy with their studies. Likewise, they are more independent than the typical high school exchange student. You'll find that they're a perfect fit for most any type of host family - busy families, families with or without children, single-parent families, and so on.

Get Started

Get started today by telling us a bit about your family. We'll get back to you quickly with more details and information about a student we think would be a good fit for your family!