Double the Culture, Double the Fun

Bennie and Ruth Eubanks find hosting brings twice the rewards with host daughters Boong and Therese.

Hosting two students brings joy to empty nesters

My wife and I have been involved with AFS for 20 years. When our daughters were still at home, we hosted several students. But when our daughters married and moved out of the house, we stopped hosting.

While the house felt empty, we were not sure if hosting would be a good experience for the student if there was no host sibling in the home.

Boy, were we wrong! In 2006, we decided to host again, and then again in 2007. In 2008, we hosted two girls at once! What a great experience this continues to be for my wife and me. Not only have we made friends from around the world, we’ve met some wonderful people in our very own community who help make all of this happen.

- Bennie Eubanks, host father
of Independence, MO

We are a real family

(Our girls) are wonderful and we are a real family complete with teasing, hugging and enjoying being together so much. In their first 3 weeks here they mastered their English skills and both made the Honor Roll! A great accomplishment for them and we are so proud, but they aren't satisfied yet.....trying for the All A honor roll next!!!!

Kyra has joined the basketball team and Duean the dance team so both are busy after school and are making good friendships. Life at home is great with horseback riding and cooking lots of delicious meals! So, everyone is happy and loved and having a wonderful experience.

- Teri Kerr, host mom
of Loogootee, IN