8 reasons having a host son is the absolute best

"Don't worry, we won't bite! Each of us has our own unique personalities and we always want to interact with you. You will definitely know about almost every unique difference between our cultures, religion, and people!" — Izzan, AFS Exchange Student from Indonesia

Hosting an international exchange student is a great way to learn about another culture, but it's also a whole bunch of fun! Here are some awesome reasons why having a host son is a life-changing adventure:

1. Boys might be a little messy, but they make up for it in fun!

Boy jumping into pool.

2. They're full of energy and enthusiasm.

Boys at Washington Monument.

3. And they love trying new food.

Turkish student with food.

4. They make great big brothers…

Big brother and little sister.

5. Who are super fun to hang out with!

Brothers skiing

6. They're the best jokesters.

Brothers joking around.

7. And every day with them is action-packed!

Brothers on a water slide.

8. But most importantly, they're willing to try something new. (Even when it's a little scary…)

Boy skiing.

Getting ready to welcome your own international exchange student? Here's some advice Andre, an AFS Student from Brazil, has for this year's host families:

"Be willing to share every little piece of your culture, even aspects you consider insignificant. Small activities will build up to a great memory in the future."

Or, if you're new to hosting, click the button below to meet some of the international boys (and girls!) coming to your area:

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