Photo: An AFS Host Family from Iowa welcomes their newest family member—AFS/YES Exchange Student, Branis, from Kenya (center left)—to the U.S.

Hometown Diplomacy

Give Now. Create a Better World.

Donate by December 31st to support the $400K Leadership Challenge!


AFS-USA's Staff and Volunteer leaders are determined to bring Hometown Diplomacy to more people in 2018 through scholarships, volunteerism, curriculum, and alumni outreach. Together, they've committed $400K to the cause, and they're challenging the AFS Community to match this contribution before year-end.

Join them by donating today, and let's rise to the challenge of building a more just and peaceful world through intercultural education.


Seeing the World Differently

Hometown Diplomacy is the process through which individuals create lasting, positive relationships with citizens of other countries through sharing something close to their heart: the place they call home.

It's through this immersive exchange—this sharing of a place called “home”—that students and host families alike learn about the real USA. The real Indonesia. The real Germany. This is how foreign becomes family, and it's the impact YOU achieve when you support the Fund for AFS-USA.

Our Hometown Impact

AFS-USA's donors, volunteers, host families, and exchange students are present in more than 18,800 U.S. zip codes. Draw a line around them, and what takes shape is a nation of AFSers, all helping to bring people and cultures together.

AFS-USA is a grassroots movement with a big footprint: 18,800 hometowns with open doors, open minds, and open hearts. Come join us!

Each dot represents a zip code that is home to AFSers.

About the Fund for AFS-USA

The Fund for AFS-USA supports the vital operations that keep the AFS Mission vibrant and growing throughout the U.S. Donations to the Fund directly support: scholarships that help more students access the life-changing benefits of studying abroad; intercultural learning resources for U.S. classrooms; events and outreach to benefit AFS Alumni; and training and opportunites for 4,000+ AFS-USA Volunteers.

Learn more about our work in these areas below, or click here to support the Fund for AFS-USA.