About AFS Group Programs

Introducing the AFS Adult Led Group Programs

AFS-USA has worked with our overseas AFS partners and volunteers to organize classroom trips that go beyond the ones you've seen in those glossy brochures. In essence, we've developed our Adult-Led Group Programs with the idea that we can give students (and their teachers) a condensed version of our traditional year-long exchange program. Since the majority of our group programs include a homestay with local volunteer families, students get a real taste of life in their host country, rather than spending their free time in a hotel room.

An AFS program from start to finish

We're also proud to offer programs that are organized by AFS staff and volunteers, rather than sub-contracted tour organizers. In a nutshell, this means that our programs are delivered to students and teachers by people who genuinely share our passion for intercultural learning. The program is genuinely AFS, from beginning to end, and reflects the experience and values that have made AFS the respected leader in student exchange and experiential training in global competency.

A focus on the goals you've established for your class

Aside from the "AFS touch" that elevates the value of our group programs, we also endeavor to provide educators with a tailored experience that meets their educational goals as well as the "fun factor" their students expect. Basically, AFS staff members work with with you to design a program with content and activities that fulfill your learning objectives - while making sure that students have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Value and affordability

In general, an AFS group program is less expensive than the usual packaged tours offered to school groups. Part of what keeps the price low is the fact that there are practically no costs for lodging, since students stay with volunteer host families. And, because the program is managed in large part by AFS volunteers, our overhead is low and much more manageable. Pair these lower costs with the educational components that you help design and you end up with a program that is a much more attractive offering for parents - parents seeking quality and educational value for their money.

So, before you take that same trip you've taken for the last several years, why not check out what AFS can offer you and your students? Tell us where you'd like to go. Describe your learning objectives and some of the activities you think would help your students reach those objectives. Tell us the sorts of "fun" activities you'd like to offer your students. List some of your top "must see" sites. And, of course, give us an idea of when you'd like to go, for how long, and how many students would be in your group. We'll get back to you quickly with a program proposal designed just for you and, together, we'll adjust the program until it best suits your needs - along with a customized website to help you promote your program to your students and their families!

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We look forward to helping you design your own AFS dream program!