Campaign for Cultural Understanding

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AFS-USA's Campaign for Cultural Understanding builds bridges of understanding in communities across the U.S. and worldwide by supporting: scholarships for U.S. students in need; global learning curriculum for U.S. classrooms; resources for AFS-USA Volunteers; and mentoring and training for AFS Alumni nationwide.

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The First Great Adventure of My Life
The Act of Listening
A World of Individuals
To Europe By Boat
Dreaming in Italian
Getting the Whole Story
AFS Gets It Right
Learning to Say Yes
Leaning Into Diversity
The Heart of AFS Volunteers
Rising to a Challenge
16 Year-Old Ambassador

Campaign Advocates

Person Name

John Berendt, NYT Best-Selling Author
AFS Returnee—U.S. to Italy, 1956

Person Name

Jim Himes, U.S. Congressman (D-CT)
AFS Returnee—U.S. to Jordan, 1986

Person Name

Rebecca Messner, Filmmaker
AFS Returnee—U.S. to Italy, 2002-03
AFS Group Leader—U.S. to Ghana, 2008

What is The AFS Effect?

AFS Effect n. 1. the impact that an AFS experience has on an individual, and the subsequent impact that individual has on the world as a more globally aware citizen. 2. a phenomenon of incremental and exponential impact, fueled by cultural understanding and global citizenship. 3. an essential component of building a more just and peaceful world.

Watch: NBC News' chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel, reveals his AFS Effect.