AFS-USA is proud to be able to support schools and educators throughout the U.S. with the integration of global and intercultural competence into their learning environment.

Global Up Educator Program

The AFS Global Up Educator Program is a blended learning program that develops tangible global skills essential live, work, and make a real social impact in the classroom and around the world. 

All AFS Global Up Educator Program offers include 

  • Individual accounts for online learning environment 
  • Online modules with video content subtitled in multiple languages 
  • Online forum space for reflecting with peers from around the world 
  • Online quizzes and assignments related to content 
  • Facilitated Dialogue sessions (online or in-person) run by a Qualified Facilitator  
  • A certificate upon completion 

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A closer look into the Global Up Educator Program educational learning goals

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Become more self-aware

  • Increase cultural self-awareness through reflection
  • Identify and understand how cultural groups shape their ways of feeling, thinking, & behaving
  • Analyze and reflect on power relations, privilege and inequality
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Increase awareness of others

  • Recognize and understand patterns of behavior and values of people from different cultural context
  • Empathize with culturally different others
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Learn how to manage emotional responses

  • Suspend judgment and be flexible in new and different cultural contexts
  • Apply effective, appropriate strategies to deal with ambiguous situations
  • Describe and manage responses to your own cultural biases and emotional triggers
  • Be aware of personal limits and be open to seek support
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Learn how to bridge across difference

  • Initiate and develop relationships with people from different cultures
  • Communicate and interact effectively and appropriately in different cultural contexts

What to expect with the Global Up Educator Program

7 to 9 hours to complete

Why Schools Choose the Global Up Educator Program

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Global Competence Readiness Index For Schools

A self-assessment tool to help educators determine how prepared their schools are to foster global competence among students.

The results will map out some of your school’s strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations so you can foster stronger institutional practices that build global competence. This can be used as a one-time measure or taken year after year to determine growth while you work to strengthen your program.

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Conference Presentations & Publications

AFS-USA is proud to participate in a variety of conferences and events each year to help promote our mission and vision and share our educator resources. Click each drop down to access slides and recordings from our most recent appearances around the U.S. and learn where to see us next!

AFS-USA Partner Resources


Global Education Conference Network

The Global Education Conference Network is a worldwide community initiative for students, educators, and organizations, designed to increase opportunities for connecting classrooms.


Generation Global

Generation Global uses dialogue to foster peaceful intercultural interaction among students. They provide resources to support teachers and students in building safe spaces for global dialogue.


IREX Global Education

IREX Global Education: Introductory courses in incorporating global competency into the classroom offered by an international nonprofit organization specializing in global education.



P21’s mission is to serve as catalyst for 21st century learning by building collaborative partnerships among education, business, community and government leaders.

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Check out AFS-USA’s Classroom Resources! Inspired to host exchange students at your school or promote study abroad programs to your students? Visit our Schools webpage to learn more.

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