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The following classroom activities and lesson plans are designed to help teachers integrate intercultural learning into their classrooms regardless of subject area or grade level as a means to facilitate a more inclusive and accepting learning environment. It is our hope that these free lesson ideas serve as an introduction to some key intercultural concepts and help engage your students in rich discussions and reflective learning opportunities.

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Cultural Considerations in the Classroom

Have you ever had a student in class whose behavior just didn’t quite make sense to you? It’s possible that there could be some underlying cultural factors that influence a student’s approach to both school and learning in general. 

Our Cultural Considerations in the Classroom handouts have been created to help you understand various cultural dimensions that may impact a student’s behavior in the classroom. Each handout addresses one possible cultural influence for the listed topics below and also connects to one of our classroom activities. Each one also offers some specific questions and strategies to help you and your students build stronger relationships and mutual understanding in the classroom environment. 

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This handout explores what it means to participate in class and how these expectations may be influenced by a student or culture’s level Uncertainty Avoidance (UAI). Click here to download.

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Intercultural Learning for AFS & Friends

Intercultural learning topics can be complex and confusing at times, so we’ve taken the time to create some quick handouts simplifying key research findings and topics including things like Cultural Dimensions, Theories of Culture, Conflict Styles, Generalizations & Stereotypes, and more.

The information can help educators begin to understand the various cultural dimensions that factor into their students’ behaviors and choices. These resources are available in multiple languages (English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Danish, French, and Portuguese) and can also be downloaded and shared with students alongside our classroom activities or as a supplement to your own lessons.

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Country-Specific Resources

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences from around the world. Knowing more about their cultural heritage can be a great way to gather insight into some of the practices and perspectives that are typical in specific countries and can also help you start building a relationship with them in your classroom.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the Classroom

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals that outline a plan to move the people and planet toward a more peaceful and prosperous world now and in the future through a global partnership.

To learn more about these goals, please visit our full page of teacher lesson ideas and resources in multiple languages.

You may also find resources to support the teaching and learning of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including videos, book lists and other resources to support the integration of these 17 global goals into the classroom setting here.


SDGs/Global Goals

In partnership with UNICEF, World’s Largest Lesson introduces the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to students and inspires them into action.


Participate Learning

Participate Learning partners with districts and schools to implement global education for K-12 schools and prepare global-ready teachers and students.

Effect plus web

AFS Effect+ Program Toolkit

A new free resource for teaching Active Global Citizenship and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to high school students.

Media Literacy Resources

In the age of digital media, it can be difficult for students to discern which sources of information are credible, especially in a global context. Our resources look to foster savvy students by developing their ability to think critically about the messages media sources are sending and encourage the use of responsible and compelling resources. 

To use the Bitmoji Media Literacy Café above, simply click on any of the images in the picture to link directly to a variety of resources supporting the integration of media literacy in the classroom.

AFS Partner Resources

AFS-USA has also proudly curated a series of external resources to support instruction where global competence is integrated into the classroom for all students. We invite you to explore the various organizations resources listed below.


BP has created a series of lesson plans that focus on STEM topics. The company is working hard to encourage girls to engage with STEM and STEM-related study topics.


Growing Up Global

Raising Children to be At Home in the World is an award-winning, hands-on book that helps parents raise children with a global perspective.


Crash Test World

Crash Test World are 5-minute videos that explore topics tied to one of the Sustainable Development Goals. Lesson plans are provided for all levels of instruction to help students engage with their local communities and make a change for the better.


National Geographic’s Geo-Literacy Program

National Geographic’s Geo-Literacy Program addresses today’s global interconnectedness and provides resources for learning more and promoting geo-literacy across the U.S.



iEARN enables young people to use the Internet and other new technologies to engage in collaborative educational projects that both enhance learning and make a difference in the world.


Mapping The Nation

Asia Society’s Mapping the Nation is an interactive map of demographic, economic, and education indicators—nearly one million data points—to show that the U.S. is a truly global nation.

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