As a leader in intercultural education, AFS-USA is committed to fostering global competency skills in our schools and communities.  

In alignment with the US Department of Education’s International Strategy, our intercultural learning and global citizenship classroom resources along with opportunities for educational travel offer two unique ways to weave global competence concepts into your everyday work as an educator.

Vision Statement: Any student or educator can become a global citizen when schools partner with AFS-USA.  

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Host and Send AFS Students

Learn more about providing an intercultural experience to your students.

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Classroom Resources

Free intercultural education lesson plans, digital resources for teaching Global Competency in your classroom, and more!

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Professional Development

Professional development opportunities for educators and school administrators.

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AFS-USA has two distinct awards, the AFS-USA Global Educator of the Year and the AFS-USA Global School of the Year. These awards celebrate both individual educators and schools or districts that have made global engagement and intercultural learning a part of their everyday instruction and school environment. We hope to showcase an educator and school every year that will inspire others to weave culture and global thinking into their learning environments.

2023 Award Winners

AFS-USA Global School of the Year Award Winner

AFS-USA Global Awards

AFS-USA believes that we must all work together to create global citizens. Educators and schools are great partners in helping our next generation achieve global and intercultural competence. To that end, celebrating those educators and schools who are going above and beyond in their classrooms and buildings is important.  

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Embrace Diversity

Our Commitment to Diversity

AFS-USA embraces diversity at all levels of the organization. View opportunities to help all of your students have an intercultural experience.

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