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Bring the power of intercultural learning into your classroom

As a leader in intercultural education, AFS-USA is committed to fostering global competency skills in our schools and communities. Our intercultural learning and global citizenship classroom resources offer unique ways to weave global competence concepts into your everyday work as an educator. By building a strong foundation of intercultural understanding for your students, you’re providing them with essential tools to tackle the toughest challenges of tomorrow and adapt to our world as it evolves around them.   

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Create global citizens at home and abroad

The power of intercultural learning extends far beyond your curriculum – when you send your students abroad or host AFS students from around the world, you’re creating space for the immeasurable impact of informal learning your students experience in the halls, at mealtimes, or spending time with friends and classmates. Building cross-cultural relationships provides students the opportunity to broaden their perspectives, develop new skills, and appreciate the diversity of our world. AFS-USA is proud to partner with schools to create global citizens in their local communities every year. 

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Connect with other Global Educators

We believe that collaboration is at the core of global education, which is why AFS-USA provides a variety of opportunities for you to connect with other global educators around the world. When educators come together to exchange ideas and support one another, students will thrive.

“What I am so passionate about is seeing how AFS can reignite my students’ optimism and hope. Showing them the pathway to make changes in the world is so crucial.”

– Hannah A., Educator in Houston, Texas

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Expand your intercultural knowledge

We support educators and administrators by providing avenues to incorporate global competency in a variety of learning environments. Through programs such as the AFS Global Up Educator Program, participants develop tangible skills essential to building bridges across differences in culture, perspective, and lived experiences. By embracing our opportunities to expand your professional skills, you’ll experience a unique journey to becoming a more empathetic, creative, and well-rounded educator. 

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