As a leader in intercultural education, AFS is dedicated to engaging educators, students, families and communities in learning about global competency. Global competence is cultivated both inside and outside the classroom. Our educational resources for use in the classroom and our opportunities abroad are aligned to the US Department of Education’s international strategy, and are designed to achieve four educational goals:


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Opportunities for Diverse Students

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A new self-assessment tool to help educators determine how prepared their schools are to foster global competence among students.

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The Impact of an AFS exchange on life and career

In a global research report by AFS International—Creating Global Citizens: The AFS Effect—they explored the impact of AFS Exchange Programs on AFS Alumni. Conducted in 2018-2019, this report is the first wide-ranging, international survey of AFS Alumni based on responses from over 10,500 former AFS participants across 80 countries. This study investigates the effect of studying abroad on global mobility while providing actual examples from our former participants as they strive to become active global citizens and promote the AFS mission.

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According to 87% of alumni, their AFS program helped them become active global citizens.

 Additionally, 88% of respondents said their exchange helped them connect with people from different backgrounds long after returning home. 83% also indicated that their study abroad experience motivated them to better understand challenges and issues facing the world.


AFS alumni are highly likely to volunteer after their exchange program.

Overall, 60% of AFS alumni report that they volunteer for AFS or for another organization. The most common types of organizations former participants volunteer for include youth, cultural, sport, educational organizations and churches.


AFS helps participants be prepared to work in a global environment.

90% of respondents indicated that their exchange program helped them better communicate and collaborate with people from different cultures and backgrounds, while 84% said AFS helped them develop the ability to adapt in a diverse workplace environment.


AFS alumni demonstrate fast progress in their professional lives.

While the responses came from a relatively young group of alumni (67% are 40 years old or younger), 79% of all respondents have already filled a mid-level or higher position in their respective field of work, with 26% of alumni reaching senior and 20% executive status.

AFS-USA supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals by facilitating programs and providing resources to amplify and encourage action towards the UN’s vision for a more sustainable and peaceful world.

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Every year, we award nearly $4 million in scholarships and aid to help students see the world

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