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The AFS-USA Young Ambassadors (YA) program is geared as a way to engage alumni who are 40 years old and under—giving them an opportunity to continue their AFS journey for the benefit of themselves and others.

With your monthly commitment of $10 or more—or a one-time contribution of $120 or more—you will help pave the way for an eager young person about to embark on the adventure of his or her life.  And if you are able to make larger investment in AFS-USA, please consider joining the Young Ambassadors program at the Leadership Circle level, with an annual contribution of $250.

Members of the Young Ambassador Program are the future and present of AFS-USA. With your membership, you’ll give back by enabling us to continue our efforts to build a more just and peaceful world through intercultural understanding.

Membership Comes With Invaluable Rewards

  • Staying Connected — Join our two annual Zoom Calls to get to know your peers, hear from a dynamic Young Ambassador, stay up to date with latest AFS news and share your ideas.
  • Engaging in Meaningful Ways — Gain new global insight through online webinars and Q&A sessions with prominent alumni.
  • Traveling and Gathering Together — Take part in regional events hosted by the Young Ambassadors, as well as travel opportunities to study, teach or volunteer abroad—through AFS-USA 18+ programs at discounted rates.
  • Fostering Inclusion and Goodwill — Membership is the opportunity to do your part to create and promote a culture of diversity. By engaging in our awareness and fundraising campaigns, you’ll voice your support for individuals from all backgrounds, genders, nationalities, races and religions.
  • Accessing the AFS-USA Directory — With your monthly commitment of $10, you’ll receive access to our online directory. And with your Leadership Circle gift of $250 or more, we would be happy to send you a hard copy of the directory. With either version, you’ll experience a palpable connection with other young alumni as you read about their often heartwarming and inspiring experiences.

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Become an AFS-USA Young Ambassador


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