Working Together for Good

In addition to our roster of generous supporters, AFS-USA works with a variety of partners to expand the breadth of our programs and increase opportunity for our students.

Community-Based Organizations

Through its Faces of America program, AFS-USA partners with dozens of community-based organizations throughout the U.S. to ensure that underrepresented students, particularly from low-income backgrounds, can discover and access life-changing study abroad opportunities.

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Our Supporters

We are grateful for the many individuals, corporations and foundations who give generously to support the AFS-USA Mission of building a more just and peaceful world through intercultural education.

  • BP Global Citizens of Tomorrow
  • David M. Brown, in memory of Beatrice Kaplan Brown
  • The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
  • Carstens Family Funds/Deborah G. Carstens
  • Candace & Bert Forbes
  • Google Inc.
  • Jack Forté Foundation, Inc.
  • Jenny & Michael Messner/The Speedwell Foundation
  • Jonathan Shakes
  • Joan & Mark Siegel
  • Estate of William Stark
  • One Anonymous Donor

Legacy Circle

AFS-USA is grateful to those who have made a commitment to the organization by including AFS-USA in their estate plans. You can be a returnee, a host family, a volunteer, a parent, or a friend who recognizes the transformational power of the AFS Effect.

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  • Robert C. Anderson
  • Mr. John R. Austin
  • John M. Bacon
  • Kathryn S. Baltes
  • Stefanie K. Barley
  • Terry R. Beale
  • James W. Bennett
  • Michael C. Brainerd
  • Jacqueline C. Brown
  • Monica Hyman Bullock
  • Nan and Gerry Bunce
  • Luke Burnham
  • Michael F. Butler
  • Janet and John Canning
  • Ward B. Chamberlin Jr.
  • Shirley and Jay Clark
  • Bayard and Virginia Clarkson
  • Laverne Cleary
  • B Allen Clutter
  • Holly and Jock Cobb
  • Nancy Quad Cockran
  • Doris M. Cohen
  • Gregg Cook and Victor Rosario
  • Kimberly Crichton
  • John P. Curtis
  • Nancy G. Dellmuth
  • James H. Delman, Esq.
  • Charlotte Sheane Denis
  • Marshall J. Dodge Jr.
  • Thomas Dolan, IV
  • Cheryl R. Downey
  • Judith Eagle
  • Conrad J. Eberstein
  • Ailsa and Jurgen Eckel
  • Licia S. and Charles P. Edwards
  • Karin Eisele
  • Susan Nash Fekety
  • Gertrude and Ralph Findley
  • Sara Fitzgerald and Walter Wurfel
  • David K. Ford
  • John H. Forté
  • Jennifer Froistad
  • Ann Longwell Furr
  • Susan Gardner & David Rowley
  • David W. Gifford
  • Robinson T. Gilbert
  • Jane McMillan Ginter
  • Carson and Joseph Gleberman
  • Crawford Gordon
  • Helmuth E. Graeser
  • Alberto Grignolo
  • Larry Gulberg
  • Steven C. Hall
  • Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Harris III
  • Nora Vitz Harrison
  • Dr. Kathi H. Heiber
  • Vivien Hoexter and Mark Schleisner
  • Barbara Hoffstein
  • Ann M. Hoven, MD
  • Richard M. Hunt
  • Marlene M. Johnson
  • Gladys Vig Kempe
  • Carolyn L. Kortge
  • Nancy and Loren Kuehne
  • Sachiye Mizuki Kuwamoto
  • Audrey Hansen Langworthy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jonas P. Littman
  • Elizabeth McBean Lostumbo
  • Mr. and Mrs. John S. Ludwick Jr.
  • Edwin R. Masback Jr.
  • Betty Ehlert McManus
  • Caroline V. Meirs
  • Nancy Fuller and John Micek
  • Barbara Baldwin Miller
  • Connie Bonacci Miller
  • Patricia Chase Miller
  • Loretta Mockler
  • Susan W. and William O. Morris
  • S.A. Morton-Dimes
  • Kelly A. Moylan
  • Christopher B. Nelson
  • Marilyn Niebergall
  • Nancy Dale Nieman
  • Candie Oldham
  • Virginia Campbell Patterson
  • Russell F. Peppet
  • Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Peterson
  • Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Peterson
  • Lloyd C. Pray
  • Caroline and Thane Pressman
  • William B. Quandt
  • Stephen H. Rhinesmith
  • Frederic N. Ris
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Ritchie Jr.
  • Susan Schuldeis
  • Pamela P. Scott, MD
  • Jonathan Shakes
  • Michael L. Silhol
  • Betty Shaeffer Skov
  • Carolyn and Arthur Spengler
  • Cathleen and Keith Stock
  • Lynn Swedberg
  • Adele and Norman Taylor
  • Paula Taylor and Bernard Kulchin
  • Stephanie Cain Van D’Elden
  • Karen E. Waller
  • Francis W. Warren Jr.
  • Margie R. Williams
  • Donald H. Wilson III
  • Tim Wixted
  • Chris L. Wolfe
  • Linda W. Woolston
  • Nine Anonymous Donors

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