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Support our mission of building a more just and peaceful world through intercultural understanding by starting your own fundraising campaign. Fundraise on behalf of a loved one, or celebrate an occasion by asking your friends and family to donate to AFS-USA, or honor your own AFS Anniversary. 

Your fundraising campaign makes a difference in the lives of 1,000 U.S. students who go abroad through AFS-USA, the 2,5000 exchange students hosted in the U.S., and the over 4,000 volunteers in communities you support nationwide.

Do you have a fundraising campaign idea?

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What do the funds I raise support?

Unless otherwise noted, all funds raised via AFS-USA’s peer-to-peer fundraising support the Fund for AFS-USA. Contributions to the Fund support a variety of AFS-USA programs including: scholarships for U.S. students to study abroad, volunteer services in the U.S., alumni outreach and programming, and international education initiatives. 

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes, all donations made via the AFS-USA peer-to-peer fundraising website are fully tax-deductible contributions. Donors will automatically receive a tax receipt via email when their donation is made.

Can I use this site to raise funds for my own or another individual’s AFS program?

No, funds raised for a specific program or student are not viewed as charitable donations and cannot be raised via this site. If you or someone you know is interested in raising funds for a specific program, please visit the Sponsor an AFSer page to learn more.

Can I raise money to support scholarships?

We want to ensure you that all funds raised can have the most impact in supporting our mission. If you are interested in supporting or raising money for scholarships or other specific programs, please give us a call at (646) 751-2029 or email to discuss your options.

How will donors find my page?

We encourage you to share your page with friends, family, and colleagues. The peer-to-peer fundraising tool allows you to easily send an email to one or more individuals and allows you to share your page on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. All fundraising pages are public, which makes it easy for you to share your page.

How long will my fundraising page stay active?

You decide the length of your fundraising page. As part of the set-up process, you’ll be asked for dates you would like your page to be active.

How do I know who contributes to my page?

You’ll receive an automatic email from AFS-USA when donations are made via your page.

Please contact our Development team if you do not see your question answered here.
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