Michael D. Fetters, M.D., M.P.H., M.A., is a professor of family medicine at the University of Michigan, where he directs the Japanese Family Health Education and Research programs that provide culturally and linguistically competent care for the Japanese population in Ann Arbor and the Detroit metropolitan area.

An AFS exchange student to Japan in 1979-80, Mike lived with a Japanese family, attended a Japanese high school and created friendships and relationships that continue to this day. He learned to speak Japanese fluently and, after becoming a medical doctor, he was instrumental in the introduction, preparation, and teaching of family medicine to medical residents in Japan. Through his expertise and workshops in Mixed Methods Research, he has touched the lives of clinicians and patients in Canada, Denmark, China, Hong Kong, Qatar, and South Africa, in addition to Japan.

With love and appreciation for Mike’s commitment to global family health and his enduring friendship, we are raising funds to create the Michael D. Fetters Scholarship, which will support AFS high school exchanges between the United States and Japan.