There are so many reasons studying abroad is beneficial — you’ll make new friends, explore a different culture, learn new languages and make memories to last a lifetime. But studying abroad is so much more than an impactful experience — it also provides you with valuable skills you can carry with you into college and your career.  

This guide explains how studying abroad improves your career prospects and academic skills while giving you a trip to remember.

1. You’ll Have Foreign Language Proficiency

Improving your skills in a foreign language is one of the most significant career benefits of studying abroad. Instead of practicing basic vocabulary in a classroom, you’ll understand how to sustain natural conversations and understand local accents.

Employers want team members who can reach new audiences in their primary language. If you’re up against a job candidate who only took two semesters of Spanish while you lived in Spain for a year, the hiring manager will trust your communication skills because you put them to good use.

2. You’ll Sharpen Your Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are how you solve problems and discover solutions in your personal and professional lives. Classroom lessons start this process by challenging you with essay prompts and quiz questions. Using analytical skills in real-life situations makes them even more refined.

Right after arriving at your destination, you’ll have to figure out how to interact with locals in a new language. You’ll scout maps to find the fastest way across town and try different strategies to meet people. These study abroad experiences are about analyzing your surroundings and planning your way forward, which makes you a more likely candidate for any post-graduation job.

3. You’ll Understand Your Consumer Base

Many companies are always looking to grow, especially in new countries. They’ll want to hire people who understand their new consumer base, which you can use to your advantage if you studied in that particular region or country.

A marketing specialist, for example, has to grasp their international market to know the most efficient ways to engage with them online or interest them in a brand. It’s a significant impact of study abroad experiences on your career because you’ll know how the locals think, what they want, and the best ways to reach them.

4. You’ll Manage Money Wisely

You can’t ask your parents for extra cash when you’re in a different country. You also can’t sign up for studying abroad without planning how you’ll save for it or apply for scholarships.

Global travel can be expensive, but it also gives you a great opportunity to learn how to manage your money wisely. You’ll figure out how to make a monthly budget, convert currency, and anticipate emergencies like running out of necessities. Saving and spending money carefully will improve your career prospects because it makes you more responsible at work and in your personal life.

5. You’ll Gain More Independence

Efficient and reliable team members know how to listen to instructions and carry them out independently. If you’re wondering how studying abroad improves your career, look no further than the massive increase in independence you’ll feel while taking care of yourself in a different country.

The success of your trip, your safety, and your health will all be solely up to you. You’ll have to juggle classwork and take care of yourself while managing your other responsibilities. It’s a big impact of studying abroad on your career and an excellent way to get a taste of adulthood while you’re still training for total independence after graduation.

Studying Abroad Improves Your Career Prospects

Now that you’ve read about the career benefits of studying abroad, think about making it a reality in your life. You don’t even need to wait until college — explore high school programs that will work with your schedule. Research your dream destinations and see which courses you can take overseas to continue your education while preparing for your future career.

About the Author

Ginger Abbot is an education writer with a passion for cultural learning and study abroad. Read more of her work on her website, Classrooms.

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