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A host family isn’t defined by the composition of its members, nor by their sexual orientation or gender identity. At AFS, our definition of “family” reflects the mosaic of American society formed by many types of families. The one thing all AFS Host Families share, however, is that they provide an environment in which an international exchange student, far away from home, can experience the same elements of home that all of us desire – a warm, caring, and safe place that nurtures, guides, and supports us through the ups and downs of daily life.

is in our DNA

inclusiveness is our DNA
At AFS, we not only celebrate diversity, we embody it. As one of our volunteers recently said, “AFS didn’t just accept me. AFS included me.” In fact, our mission, our very purpose as an organization, commits us to building bridges and bringing people of the world together as one human family. Our global family of staff, volunteers, participants, and host families reflect the uniqueness and diversity of humankind, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

AFS participants
AFS participants
AFS participants

share life…

We invite your family to consider sharing your life and your home with an AFS student. As a nonprofit leader in international student exchange for nearly 70 years, AFS is committed to helping you select a student that fits well with your family’s interests, activities, and daily routine. We’ll help you prepare for their arrival and our volunteers will be with you throughout the experience. By providing support and guidance, we will work together to ensure that both you and your student have an enjoyable and memorable learning experience!

families celebrate similarities and differences…

There are similarities and differences between all families, but for LGBT families, there are a number of specific (and often unique) questions and concerns that arise when considering the host family experience. But don’t worry – AFS has been welcoming and working with LGBT families for years and we’re able to share our knowledge and their experiences with you. Our FAQs will probably address all of your questions but, if not, we’re always just a phone call or email away.

“In the United States, we have made marked progress
in tearing down the unjust and unfair barriers
that have prevented the full realization of the human
rights of LGBT persons. We know there is more to do,
but here, the arc of history is bending towards justice…”

Secretary of State John Kerry

host an
AFS exchange student

Tell us about your interest and your family. We’ll be in touch shortly to talk about how your family can become part of the AFS global family. You can also email us at [email protected]