Thank you, Mom
My name is Johannes, I’m from Germany and an exchange student at Snohomish High School. This Mother’s Day I want to celebrate my awesome Host mom Rebecca.You’ve made me feel welcome from day one. You’ve taken care of me as you would do with your own kids. You opened your heart and home to me, a stranger, and made me part of the family. Thank you.
One of my first great memories with you was when we first went hiking. It was the first time for me to go hiking ever, and it was cold, muddy, and I slipped and fell a lot. Yet, I had a whole lot of fun, and I saw you were happy to see me stepping out of my comfort zone and trying out something new to me. Since I live with you, you’ve introduced me to so many new things that I’ve never done before and that I would have never thought I’d like. You challenge me to be a better person every day. You encourage me to work harder for the goals that I strive to achieve, and you show that you are proud when you see me succeed.

I know for sure that I will miss your positive attitude and your kind support every day. I will miss having engaging conversation about your inspiring experiences as an exchange student yourself and about what crazy stuff I can do in my future.
For the remaining month here in the U.S., I hope that we can continue our great adventure.