These are unprecedented times in education and AFS-USA is ready to support educators in building a virtual learning community, engaging students in intercultural thinking and fostering discussion and reflection.

Resources for Educators

Our webinars combine free educational technology platforms with intercultural learning activities to have meaningful lessons in YOUR content area. Educators from elementary to high school and across every content area are encouraged to attend. Help your students see your content area through a new lens while thinking criticallyengaging remotely, and reconnecting with you.

Webinar Series 1: Lessons Modeling EdTech

Our EdTech webinars, six stand-alone lesson ideas, and handouts will assist you in implementing lessons in your classroom. Each lesson is tied to an educational technology platform and each recorded webinar will walk you through how to use the technology with your students, giving you an opportunity to try it out!

Webinar 1.1:  Verify Sources & Emotionally Connect to Content  – Webinar 1 handout 
Lesson #1 – Students use your content to make predictions and evaluate content while reflecting on their perception of the material. Learn about Newsela and Zoom in this lesson.
Lesson #2 – Students improve their interpersonal and investigative skills while they reflect on the validity of various sources of information which they can apply to your content area. Learn about Padlet in this lesson.

Webinar 1.2: How Rituals & Traditions Impact LearningWebinar 2 handout
Lesson #3 – Students reflect on the routines and rituals that have shifted during a time of remote learning and how routines and rituals impact thinking and learning. Learn about Symbaloo in this lesson.
Lesson #4 – Students evaluate the power of perspective and are challenged to think critically about why they do what they do in life and in your class. Learn about Flipgrid in this lesson.

Webinar 1.3: Evaluating My Community & My JudgmentsWebinar 3 handout 
Lesson #5 – Students learn to pause before rushing to judgement when faced with new and unfamiliar people and situations. Learn about Edpuzzle in this lesson.
Lesson #6 – Students evaluate their own community through a lens tied to your content area. Learn about Goosechase in this lesson.

You can find additional Ed Tech Companies with COVID-19 Support Options here.

Webinar Series 2: Intercultural Thinking in Your Classroom 

Infuse intercultural thinking and learning into your content with this series of webinars.

Webinar 2.1: The What & Why -> Why do we do the things that we do? What influences our decision making? Pair your content area with these two lesson ideas to help students explore how their behaviors and choices are impacted by their way of thinking. Follow these links to access the webinar recording, handout, and ed tech tool
Webinar 2.2: Adaptability -> What qualities are required to learn effectively in a new environment? Engage your students in these self-exploration activities to help them adapt and improve their skills in your content area. Follow these links to access the webinar recording and handout.
Webinar 2.3: Critical Listening -> Sometimes virtual learning can feel very one-directional. Help your students understand the value of critical listening and communication skills through these hands-on lesson ideas, customizable to your content area. Follow these links to access the webinar recording and handout.
Webinar 2.4: From Cartoons to Classics -> Virtual Learning doesn’t have to be stale… and neither does the popcorn! – Let us help you transform your use of content area videos and film into a study of behavior, attitudes, and values. Follow these links to access the webinar recording, handout, and our Padlet with media ideas and suggestions.

Curated Virtual Lesson Plan Materials 

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