AFS-USA is proud to announce the five young educators who will be Daring to Reshape the World at the 27th Youth Assembly in New York City with a $2,000 scholarship. These young educators were nominated by a colleague, supervisor, or AFS volunteer and demonstrated in their personal statements a deep dedication to teaching with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our sincerest congratulations to the winners!

Youth Assembly Scholarship Winners

Emma Burlette
Emma Burlette

Emma is a 12th-grade English Literature Teacher at Bellaire High School in Houston Independent School District (Houston, TX).

Emma believes that including the UN Sustainable Development Goals and other global concepts into her instruction will help her students explore their own identities and be better prepared to work successfully with others – classmates or colleagues – who are different than them.

Emma shared a lesson about SDG #5, Gender Equality, and Pride and Prejudice that she has taught as part of her Survey of British Literature course.

Grace Hansen

Grace Hansen

Grace is a pre-service teacher who is looking forward to teaching Science. She currently attends the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

As a future educator that is passionate about climate change, Grace believes that every person in our society makes an impact on our environment and that the SDGs help students connect their learning to the real world.

Grace shared a lesson about SDG #6, Clean Water & Sanitation, prompting students with big questions related to water pollution, human health, and what types of materials can be used to make a water filter.

Natalia Mejia

Natalia is a middle school ESL teacher at CC Griffin STEM Middle School in Cabarrus County Schools (Concord, NC).

Lifelong learning and being a global citizen are two things that Natalia is proud to model for her students. She strives to plant seeds of conservation and action in her students.

Natalia shared a lesson about SDG #14, Life Below Water, where students learn about the global water crisis and are asked to consider how marine life populations are impacted.


Kaitlin Scott
Kaitlin Scott

Kaitlin is a high school French teacher at Harding Senior High School in Saint Paul Public Schools (St. Paul, MN).

When Kaitlin’s high school students share their worries about the future with her, she reminds them of their capacity to affect change in the world and supports them in learning to advocate for their ideas among audiences big and small.

Kaitlin shared a lesson plan focusing on SDG #14, Life Below Water, tasking her students with considering how their local use of plastic can impacts the francophone world on the Western Coast of Africa.

Hannah Van Dyke
Hannah Van Dyke

Hannah is a secondary math teacher at Winton Woods High School in Winton Woods City Schools (Cincinnati, OH).

Hannah believes that learning must be relevant for the students she teaches and that the impact of the SDGs permeates all facets of life from her local community to the larger global context.

Hannah shared an algebra lesson that revolved around SDG #2, Zero Hunger, where students had to navigate various systems of measurement and think deeply about the availability or scarcity of foods around the world.

Congratulations to our scholarship recipients! We are excited to meet these inspiring young educators in New York City at the 2022 Youth Assembly. If you or a young educator you know wants to join us in New York City and Dare to Reshape the Worldwe invite you to register for the event and join us for the Educator Workshop on August 12.

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Director of Educational Outreach
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