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If you’ve ever pictured yourself on the other side of the world, fully immersed in a new language and culture, then you already know how exciting the idea of international exchange is. But maybe you’re worried about financing your ultimate adventure abroad.

That’s where we come in. AFS is proud to partner with the U.S. Department of State, who can help bring you to your destination of choice with these full, merit-based scholarships. Take a look at a few of the exciting opportunities you can apply for today:

YES Abroad

What can you do with 10 months?

Baillie has a few ideas for you! Check out her video offering a glimpse into her time in Indonesia with YES Abroad.

The YES Abroad scholarship was created in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, in order to build bridges between the U.S. and countries with significant Muslim populations. Scholarships are now available for Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Macedonia, Malaysia, Morocco, Philippines, Senegal, Thailand, and Turkey.


Have you ever dreamed of becoming an expert on another culture, learning a new language, or even meeting a Head of State?

More than 360 American CBYX participants did just that. At the end of their 2014-2015 exchange, these students took part in an unexpected meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. The Chancellor gave a speech in which she shared her fond opinion of the CBYX program and emphasized the importance of intercultural interactions between the U.S. and Germany.

“When she arrived, some people really freaked out, and a few even cried,” reflected Anna from New York.

The students also discussed their experiences in German high schools and the bonds they formed with their host families. After 10 months in Germany, these deep connections made it a challenge to go back home.


What does it feel like to discover the world through a new language?

Kyle, who spent this past summer in Turkey with NSLI-Y, shares his insights on how learning the language encouraged him to experience Turkish culture firsthand:

“One of my favorite nights in Ankara took place about midway through the program, a simple evening spent with my Turkish family…. I realized that this was truly the first time I had been able to carry out a conversation, as basic as my skills may be…. This evening was one of the first times I truly felt part of the family, a member who could talk, joke, and even do chores. The Turkish language was a tool that helped me grow closer to them and form stronger relationships…. Using my acquired Turkish language skills made a huge difference in forming connections and learning about Turkish culture. Forcing myself to speak gave me confidence, and the more confidence I had, the more I spoke. The more I spoke, the more I learned about Turkish culture, its people, and their values and beliefs firsthand.”