October 16, 2019 | New York, NY — AFS-USA, Inc. has announced its plan to revise the name of its LinkedIn School Page from “AFS” to “AFS Intercultural Programs USA.” After careful deliberation, the decision was made in order to better reflect the structure of the global AFS network comprised of more than 50 partner organizations worldwide, including the parent organization AFS Intercultural Programs.

The organization will make further adjustments to streamline its presence on the networking platform. Currently, the organization has a Company Page, “AFS-USA, Inc.” and a School Page, “AFS.” To accommodate both the alumni and employees of the program and to avoid confusion, the organization will close its Company Page and continue to maintain the School Page under its new name.

LinkedIn users who current follow the “AFS” page need not make any changes, but will see the updated company name once the adjustment is made. Users who follow or have listed affiliations with the “AFS-USA, Inc.” account are advised to search for “AFS Intercultural Programs USA” and update their profiles accordingly.

These changes are pending and will be made effective by LinkedIn in the coming days.

For additional information, please contact Samuel Kahler, Strategic Communications Manager at [email protected].

(For detailed instructions on how to add an “AFS Intercultural Programs USA” affiliation to your LinkedIn profile, please scroll to the bottom of this page.)

AFS-USA empowers people to become globally engaged citizens by delivering meaningful intercultural experiences that provide the knowledge and skills needed to help create a more just and peaceful world. Since 1947, AFS-USA has honored the legacy of its original founders—volunteer WWI and WWII American Field Service ambulance drivers—who emerged from the wars with a bold mission: to help prevent future conflict through cultural exchange and understanding. As a partner in the global AFS network, AFS-USA offers international education opportunities in 45+ countries and hosts exchange students from 90 countries. True to the spirit of our founders, these intercultural programs are made possible by the dedicated work of AFS Volunteers—more than 4,100 in the U.S. and over 50,000 worldwide.

Please follow these instructions to correctly affiliate yourself with our school page:
1. Click here  to access and follow our school page.
2. If you are an AFS Returnee, add “AFS Intercultural Programs USA” to your educational background section, in the same way that you would add your university or college.
3. If you are current or former employee of AFS-USA, add AFS Intercultural Programs USA to your experience section.