Read study abroad program reviews from real AFS Returnees about their formative experiences studying abroad on our programs!

1. Naomi, U.S. to Brazil ‘11

Ready to experience the warm, close-knit culture of Brazil? Check out our Brazil Study Abroad Program.

2. Shelsie, U.S. to France ‘15

Head over to our France Study Abroad Program page to get in on adventures like Shelsie’s!

3. Brooke, U.S. to India ‘16

Looking to have your life altered in the best way possible? Take a look at our India Study Abroad programs!

4. Leah, U.S. to Italy ’15

Wait! Don’t start packing your bags until you check out our Italy Study Abroad Programs!

5. Christine, U.S. to Japan ‘18

Get started on your adventure to The Land of the Rising Sun! Check out our Japan Study Abroad Programs.

6. Nico, U.S. to Spain ’15

“I studied abroad in order to be who I felt I was.” That says it all, doesn’t it? Take a look at our Spain Study Abroad Programs to have an experience like Nico’s!

7. Sarah, U.S. to Sweden

Falling in love with a new culture while sharing your own heritage is what AFS is all about. Learn more about our Sweden Study Abroad Programs to feel at peace in Sweden.

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