Summer is an exciting time to step outside of your routine and try something completely new. One way to take advantage of this period of transformation is to go abroad and learn about a new language or culture. Since you’re out of school, you can spend 4-8 weeks completely immersed in another way of life without missing out on your commitments back home. (Don’t worry, SAT Prep and extracurriculars will still be there when you get back.) Whether you’re interested in language immersion, family homestays, or volunteering, there are lots of ways to fill your summer with learning and adventure. To help you choose the right program abroad that fits your summer travel goals, we’ve listed the 9 best places to study abroad this summer for our high school applicants.

The 9 best places to study abroad this summer

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Language Study Programs

Want to practice your Spanish or learn a critical world language like Arabic or Mandarin? These programs offer the chance to gain new skills through classroom study and by venturing out into the community.

1. Best place to explore indigenous culture: Paraguay

Study abroad in ParaguayWith this 7-week summer program, you can advance your Spanish
 while discovering Paraguay’s unique history and culture. As a bonus, you may also pick up some phrases in the indigenous dialect of Guarani, which is known as “the language of the heart” and is spoken by many Paraguayans.

Departs June 19-22, 2018

2. Most historic destination: Egypt

Study abroad in Egypt
This 4-week program offers the chance to take intensive Arabic language classes and live with a local host family. In your free time, you can explore the desert landscape and city sites while learning about Egypt’s ancient and dynamic culture.

Departs June 27-30, 2018

3. Best spot for language-learning: China

Study abroad in China
Get an introduction to Mandarin with this 4-week language and culture program. By living with a local host family, you can experience daily life in China and taste some delicious cuisine like fried dumplings and traditional Peking duck.

Departs July 12-15, 2018

Volunteer Programs

If you’re inspired to learn about another culture while also making a difference in the world, these volunteer programs are for you. Dive in and get your hands dirty with exciting community development and sustainability projects in Panama and Costa Rica!

4. Most impactful service-learning: Panama

Study abroad in Panama
This 5-week volunteer program focuses on community development projects like helping to build school facilities and working with children. You’ll also get a glimpse into Panamanian culture by living with a local host family.

Departs July 26-29, 2018

5. Most beautiful landscape: Costa Rica

Study abroad in Costa RicaReady to trek through rainforests and relax on stunning beaches? You’ll do that and more
 during this 4-week volunteer program in Costa Rica. Plus, you and your group will contribute to environmental conservation projects at a sustainable farm and national park.

Departs July 10-13, 2018

Homestay Programs

There’s no better way to see what a culture is really all about than by living with a local family. With these homestay experiences, you’ll be truly immersed in the day-to-day lives of your family members while experiencing what it’s like to be a teenager in another part of the world.

6. Most unique culture: Hungary

Study abroad in Hungary
Get an inside look at Hungary’s dynamic culture with this 4-week homestay program. Your first week will be spent at a language and culture camp in a beautiful lakeside community, and then you can enjoy the remaining time with your host family.

Departs June 28-July 1, 2018

7. Most instagrammable attractions: Italy

Study abroad in Italy
This is your chance to experience a real-life “Roman holiday!” Share your summer with a welcoming host family on this 5-week homestay program. You’ll be amazed by the beauty of Italy’s historic architecture and spectacular landscapes!

Departs June 21-24, 2018

8. Happiest people: Costa Rica

Study abroad in Costa RicaDid you know that Costa Rica is called the “Happiest Place on Earth?” Join in this warm and friendly culture
 while attending high school and living with a host family for 5 weeks. Before long, you’ll be surrounded by new friends! (Note: This is separate program from the 4-week volunteer program listed above!)

Departs July 10-13, 2018

9. Most welcoming atmosphere: Thailand

Study abroad in Thailand
With its emphasis on friendliness, fun, and tranquility, Thailand is an amazing place to spend your summer. This is your opportunity to go off the beaten path for 6 weeks while living with a host family and attending a local high school.

Departs July 4-7, 2018

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