5 incredible volunteer abroad programs

If you’re like many high schoolers, you’ve dreamed of going abroad and seeing the world. But, you’d also like to make a difference to the people and places you visit. These 5 summer volunteer abroad programs cover important global topics like environmental conservation, sustainability, and human rights. They offer the chance to study abroad for 2-3 weeks with AFS and learn about another culture while joining in unique volunteer and education initiatives.

With diverse destinations ranging from Brazil to Kenya, you’re bound to find a country, topic, or volunteer project that fuels both your sense of adventure and drive to do good.

1. Project: Change program in Kenya.

Study abroad in Kenya

Led by AFS Project: Change Grand Prize Winner Clare G., this program focuses on inspiring children in Kenya to succeed through music, art, and athletics. Plus, you’ll go on safari to spot some of Africa’s legendary wildlife!

Departs August 6, 2018

2. Human Rights program in Argentina.

Study abroad in Argentina

Spend 2 weeks exploring Argentina’s unique human rights initiatives while advancing your Spanish. You’ll also tour the colorful neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and see natural wonders like the breathtaking Iguazu Falls.

Departs July 6-9, 2018

3. Marine Conservation program in Greece

Study abroad in Greece

Dedicate your summer to protecting endangered Mediterranean sea turtles while wandering along the white sand beaches of Greece. You’ll also get to explore some of the area’s spectacular ancient ruins.

Departs June 20-23, 2018

4. Amazon River Odyssey program in Brazil

Study abroad in Brazil

Embark on an epic trip down the Amazon, gaining insight into Brazilian culture and rainforest wildlife along the way. Imagine swimming with pink dolphins and making crafts with the indigenous people who live along the riverbank.

Departs July 29-August 1, 2018

5. Sustainability Education program in Guatemala

Study abroad in Guatemala

Help educate children about sustainability and empower them to make thoughtful environmental choices. In your free time, you’ll visit Guatemala’s beautiful landscapes and pre-Colombian archeological sites.

Departs July 31-August 3, 2018


This summer could be unlike any other. When you go abroad with AFS, you have the chance to enjoy an unforgettable adventure and make a lasting impact. Sign up for your favorite of our summer volunteer abroad programs by April 1, and before long you could be making new friends, gaining new skills, and helping those in need.