With Latin American and European influences, Argentina is a multifaceted country with so much to offer. There’s the romantic tango, the passion of fútbol culture, and the delicious beef prepared during an asado, or barbecue. But what about the stuff off the beaten path? We’ve compiled a list of the lesser known natural wonders of this stunning country.

1.Serranía de Hornocal, Rainbow Mountain or Fourteen-Colored Mountain

Located just outside the town of Purmamarca, travelers come from all over the world to see this Argentina natural wonder, the Quebrada de Humahuaca, or the Rainbow Valley. The mountains are colored in a beautiful wash of earth-tones varying from cream to burnt reds that are most vibrant in the morning light. This area is a World Heritage site and protected by UNESCO.

argentina natural wonders

2. Dinosaurs Valley, Valle de los Dinosaurious

Situated in the southeast of the Neuquen province, this is where the fossils of the world’s largest dinosaur, the Argentinosaurus, were found – a groundbreaking discovery in paleontology! Millions of years ago, this area was a jungle with the rumblings of titanosaurs that could grow up to 90 tons!

argentina natural wonders

3. Perito Moreno Glacier

You’ll find this Argentina natural wonder in the deep south of the country. One of the coolest things about the glacier is being able to hear the booming, cracking sounds of chunks of ice falling off the main glacier and plunging into the water. While many believe this is due to global warming, Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the few glaciers in the world that is growing. As it expands, the front of the glacier gains large cracks.

argentina natural wonders

4. Cerro Fitz Roy in Patagonia—The Inspiration Behind the Clothing Brand!

When traveling to South America’s southernmost tip, you’ll find the vast, untouched region of Patagonia, home to sharp mountain peaks, glaciers, icefields, and breathtaking national parks.

In 1968, American environmentalist and climber Yvon Chouinard scaled Fitz Roy. Cerro Fitz Roy is considered one of the most challenging mountain climbs on the planet. Fitz Roy inspired Chouinard so much that he used the outline of its peaks to inspire the logo for his clothing brand, Patagonia.

argentina natural wonders

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