February is #LoveACharity month! Historically, February has been one of the slowest months for charitable donations and volunteer engagement, but the #LoveACharity movement is working to change that. Read on for 3 ways you can show nonprofit organizations and causes a little extra love this month. Supporting causes that matter is simple to do, greatly appreciated, and a cornerstone of true Global Citizenship.

3 Ways to #LoveACharity and Exercise Your Global Citizenship

Making a gift — large or small — to your favorite charity or nonprofit is the simplest way to make an impact. If you already give to an organization, send a few extra dollars their way this month. Any additional support is appreciated in the first months of the year, as charitable donations tend to drop off following year-end giving. Showing your love during the low season lets them know you truly care about their cause, and you appreciate the work they do year-round to build a better world.

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Each of us is an influencer in our own social circles. When we talk about our involvement with a charitable cause, or highlight the positive achievements of an organization, our friends and family take note. By vocalizing your support, you create instant trust and awareness for an organization, so use your influencer powers for good this February. Share a post on Facebook about your favorite charity, or email friends and family about a cause you think would interest them. Encourage them to join you in supporting a particular nonprofit or to search for another organization doing good work in areas they care about.

Now, when the buzz around major events like Giving Tuesday has subsided, is the perfect time to do your research and think about a giving strategy for the year ahead. Once you’ve decided where to focus your philanthropic energies, make an introductory gift to kick off the year right. And remember — recruiting just a few friends to give alongside you can easily trip or quadruple your impact!

Nothing says “I care” like rolling up your sleeves and providing hands-on help to your favorite nonprofit. As with donations, volunteer supply tends to drop off after the holidays but demand certainly doesn’t. Volunteers are needed year-round, and many worthy nonprofits rely heavily on the contributions of volunteers to help scale their impact.

In addition, getting involved with a nonprofit is a great way to exercise global citizenship and learn about the organization— who’s involved, how they work, and what they value. You might find that you have even more in common with them than you think, and an afternoon of service could turn into a fulfilling, long-term outlet for exercising your global citizenship. So this February, sign up to help out your favorite organization, or learn about opportunities to volunteer with AFS in your area.