AFS-USA confers an annual award to honor a U.S. school or district that has made global engagement and intercultural learning a part of their everyday instruction and school environment. We hope to showcase a school every year that will inspire other school leaders to weave culture and global thinking into their learning environments and foster active global citizenship among their student body each year.

2024 AFS-USA Global School Award Winner

AFS-USA is proud to name Hingham High School in Hingham, Massachusetts as the 2024 recipient of the AFS Global School of the Year Award. Hingham High School has a robust Global Citizenship Program that promotes global competence and 21st century skill building through social, educational, and service activities throughout the year. The program’s mission includes leveraging interdisciplinary study, community service, and international travel to cultivate an increased global awareness, a heightened appreciation of diversity, and a greater capacity among students to work and contribute in an increasingly interconnected world.

Hingham High School has embraced the idea of its students going abroad even during the academic year and values those transformative international experiences enough to grant full credit to students for their coursework abroad. The school routinely invites exchange students to be part of their school community and live with local host families. And, the school is proud to have over 90% of their students enrolled in a world language class and more than 60% of their seniors graduating with a Seal of Biliteracy.

In the words of a Hingham High School (HHS) parent, Beth Mercurio, “It is clear that HHS is committed to global learning and continues to identify ways to expose its students to a more global, cultural diverse perspective.” Her children were part of the HHS Global Citizenship Program throughout their high school experience and took full advantage of the opportunity to host exchange students and to study abroad. Even for the students not directly enrolled in the Global Citizenship Program, HHS holds multiple global celebrations annually, has their own local exchanges, has a rich course of study that integrates the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and has artwork and murals around the building representing world cultures.

AFS-USA was thrilled to celebrate Hingham High School at their annual ECA Workshop in Northern Virginia in March 2024 where multiple members of the HHS staff joined the AFS-USA President and CEO, Tara Hofmann, along with the Managing Director for Professional and Cultural Exchanges from the U.S. Department of State, Chris Miner, to receive the 2024 AFS-USA Global School of the Year Award in person.

Hear from Principal Rick Swanson, who gave remarks at the event, in this video.

Tara Hofmann, AFS-USA President and CEO; Richard Swanson, Principal of Hingham High School; Chris Miner, Managing Director for Professional and Cultural Exchange at the U.S. Department of State; Erica Pollard, World Language Department Chair at Hingham High School; and Kara Roth, English Teacher at Hingham High School

To learn more about the AFS-USA Global School of the Year Award and the nomination and application process, please visit the AFS-USA website at

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