1. daveblogphoto3

    An AFS Adventure to Austria in 1968!

    This article is written by AFS-USA Alumnus Dave Schrader. Dave is currently an AFS Volunteer in the Greater Los Angeles and South Bay Chapter who is greatly involved with orientation…
  2. Tori 2

    My AFS Experience: Hosting, Studying Abroad, and Volunteering

    My name is Tori and I’m a current AFS Volunteer, Returnee from Japan (2010), and past host sister. I’m here to share my experience with AFS for anyone who’s curious…
  3. Image 5

    Women Volunteers and Suffragettes in WWI

    The early twentieth century brought forth opportunities for women beyond the home front: work, education, social reform, and political engagement. While many conservative Americans fought against this change in gender roles and believed women needed to be home, World War I served as a catalyst for volunteerism and ultimately, women’s suffrage.


  1. Resources-for-October-2019 Newsletter-Email-Banner-600×200-v2

    Global Educator Newsletter: April 2021

    In all of my recent travels (virtually) across the United States and around the world, I’ve been grateful (and encouraged) by today’s generation of students, especially their passion for change…
  2. Global Sustainability / Sostenibilidad Global in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

    How Science & Spanish teachers collaborate to change the world! In Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, AP Environmental Science teacher, Kelly Holtzman, and Spanish teacher, Danielle Chaussee have formed a unique collaboration.  Using…
  3. Jill Woerner

    Jill Woerner Appointed to ACTFL’s America’s Language Fellows Working Group

    In September, AFS-USA's Director of Educational Outreach, Jill Woerner, was invited to serve as one of America’s Language Fellows because of her unique experiences both with ACTFL’s Professional Learning Committee and other initiatives.

Local Stories

  1. 1septwelcomeblog

    3 Commonly-Asked Questions About Hosting Exchange Students… Answered

    This post was written by Michelle Kulas, a former and current AFS Host Parent. Here it is, the day that my family has been looking forward to for months! Our…
  2. IMG_3325

    Exchange Student Participates in 
Washington, D.C. Workshop

    The California Central Coast Area Team of AFS Intercultural Programs is pleased to share that Valencia High School junior and AFS exchange student from South Africa Michelle Hadebe participated in…
  3. jennifer_lasley

    Volunteer Recognized for Leadership, Long-Term Service

    The local California Central Coast Area Team of AFS Intercultural Programs is pleased to announce that Thousand Oaks, Calif., volunteer Jennifer Lasley has been selected by the national AFS-USA Volunteer…

LGBTQ + Pride

  1. Tony Valencia with Host Mom and Siblings

    Your Identity Will Be Valued: My Time In Germany by Tony Valencia, AFS and CBYX Alum

    “Only through dialogue and communication can differences be understood and appreciated.” – AFS and CBYX Alum, Tony Valencia ’18- ’19. In this blog post for Pride Month, Tony delves into…
  2. spain-ryan-rodriguez-blog_featured-1

    Embracing a Spanish Summer: A Reflection by AFS-USA Pride Scholar Ryan Rodriguez

    Ryan Rodriguez is an AFS-USA Pride Scholar who traveled to Spain on our Global Prep program. In his personal essay, Ryan reflects on his experience abroad with his host family,…
  3. Hosting with Pride Blog

    Hosting with Pride: An Interview with Six-Time AFS Host Parent and Volunteer, Jerry Gulley

    Jerry Gulley grew up in a small town in rural Tennessee. In high school, his best friend’s family decided to host an exchange student, Lisi from Austria in 1985. While…