AFS was founded in 1947 out of a response to a global crisis by World War I and II American Field Service Ambulance Drivers. Responding quickly and with care in times of great need is in our DNA.

AFS-USA expresses our heartfelt gratitude to thousands of AFS volunteers who work in communities throughout the country, to the many families who stepped forward to host international exchange students this year, to educators in high schools across the nation who welcomed AFS exchange students into their classrooms, and to the thousands of people, especially our alumni, who support the work of AFS-USA and strengthen our mission.

As we rebuild, we must ‘walk together and talk together’ as global citizens who are committed to the mission of AFS and inspire more people to join us in building a more just and peaceful world.

We appreciate the ways you have reached out to us, and how you have supported us. We will continue to innovate and hope we can continue to count on your support. We look forward, as always, to having you share your stories with us!

Thank you from the volunteers, students, families, and staff of AFS-USA.

Tara M. Hofmann
President and Chief Executive Officer


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