Headshot of Ann Sweet

Ann Sweet

Ann Sweet is currently the Chair of the National Council, which is AFS-USA’s volunteer representative body. She began her AFS journey in 2002 when her son’s high school English teacher approached him and asked if his family would be interested in hosting an exchange student. And so it began, they hosted Peter from Greenland that year and have hosted a total of over 20 students, from almost every continent, including 2 Sponsored Program students. As Support Coordinator, her family has supported over 100 kids while they were transitioning from one family to another.

Shortly after hosting Peter, Ann was approached to become a Volunteer for the Western New York Area Team where she has served in almost every capacity, including Liaison, Hosting Volunteer, Support Coordinator, Orientations Coordinator, and her favorite role as Event Coordinator. Ann plans 3 trips a year for her Area Team, including Washington D.C., New York City, and Walt DisneyWorld. Additionally, she coordinates many local events to engage the students, families, and volunteers in Western New York.

Nationally, prior to serving as the Chair of the National Council, Ann was the Vice Chair, and prior to that, Chair of the AFS-USA National Volunteer Recognition Committee (VRC), and a member of the VRC for 10 years. She has been on the Steering Committee and National Council for 4 years. Ann believes that hosting and volunteering with AFS has enabled her family to grow and become globally involved citizens who are very flexible, understanding, and tolerant of all cultures.

Ann is a full-time Registered Dental Hygienist and has practiced Dental Hygiene for more than 35 years. She and her husband Steve reside in Williamsville, NY and have been married for 40 years. They have an adult son, Shawn, an adult daughter, Jessica and have been blessed with 4 beautiful grandchildren who also reside close by In Williamsville, NY. She enjoys biking, cooking, and traveling in her leisure time.