The purpose of this Anti-Racism Resources Guide is to empower the AFS community to be active allies and advance the cause of racial justice. These resources, compiled (and in some cases created!) by AFS-USA Returnees, will help you get started, take action, and continue to educate yourself and others about systemic racism in the US and around the world.  

Getting Started: 

Systemic Racism Explained (Video) 

Selected Publications from AFS-USA Alumna Ann Marie Garran, PhD

Black Lives Matter Resources Site 

Discrimination against Asians in the time of Covid-19, an animated short film by YES Alumnus Soon King Yaw

Curriculum Planning / Pedagogy: 

How to dismantle our anti-Blackness: 

Letters for Black Lives – is a set of crowdsourced, multilingual, and culturally aware resources aimed at creating a space for open and honest conversations about racial justice, police violence, and anti-Blackness in our families and communities. 

Anti-Racism Resources 

Learning Resources from

Blmthought – Prison-Industrial Complex 

Taking Action: 

Be an active ally 

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice 

Guidance for Reporting and Writing About Racism

How To Respond To Common Racist Comments 

How to Talk to Your Family About Racism: A Guide For White People 

How to Be An Ally As a College Student

How to Support Black Lives Matter Online

Learning More: 

*Adapted from Vamika Sinha’s DO BETTER Google Spreadsheet (a student at NYU Abu Dhabi) 


Homegoing  Yaa Gyasi 
Go Tell It On the Mountain  James Baldwin 
Dear White America  George Yancy 
Girl, Woman, Other  Bernardine Evaristo 
White Teeth  Zadie Smith 
ZONG!  NourBese Philip 
Song of Solomon  Toni Morrison 
12 Years a Slave  Northup Solomon 
To Kill a Mockingbird  Harper Lee 
The Hate U Give  Angie Thomas 
So You Want to Talk About Race  Ijeoma Oluo 
Brit(ish)  Afua Hirsch 
When They Call You a Terrorist  Asha Bandele and Patrisse Cullors 
How to be an Antiracist  Ibram X. Kendi 
Stamped from the Beginning  X. Kendi 


Are Prisons Obsolete?  Angela Davis  prison abolition/justice 
The New Jim Crow    prison abolition/justice 
The First Civil Right    prison abolition/justice 
Just Mercy    prison abolition/justice 
The Color of Law    prison abolition/justice 
Critical Race Theory: an Introduction    prison abolition/justice 
On Intersectionality    intersectional feminism 
Women, Race & Class    intersectional feminism 
Assata: an Autobiography    intersectional feminism 
Sister Outsider    intersectional feminism 
Divided Sisters    intersectional feminism 
Ain’t I a Woman    intersectional feminism 
As We Have Always Done    intersectional feminism 
Hood Feminism    intersectional feminism 
The Invention of Women  Oyewumi  intersectional feminism 
Black Feminist Thought  Patricia Hill Collins  intersectional feminism 
White Fragility  Robin Diangelo  whiteness/formations of race 
Blindspot  Banaji Mahzarin & Anthony Greenwald  whiteness/formations of race 
The Possessive Investment in Whiteness  Lipsitz  whiteness/formations of race 
Killing the Black Body  Dorothy Roberts  whiteness/formations of race 
Racial Formation in the United States  Omi and Winant  whiteness/formations of race 
The House that Race Built  ed. Wahneema Lubiano  whiteness/formations of race 
Playing in the Dark  Toni Morrison  whiteness/formations of race 
Black Skin White Masks  Frantz Fanon  whiteness/formations of race 
Decolonising the Mind  Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o  whiteness/formations of race 
Stages of Colonialism in Africa: From Occupation of Land to Occupation of Being  Hussein A. Bulhan   
The Beauty Ideal: The Effects of European Standards of Beauty on Black Women  Susan L. Bryant   
Skin Bleaching and Global White Supremacy: By Way of Introduction  Yaba Amgborale Blay   
“If You’re Light, You’re Alright”: Light Skin Color as Social Captial for Women of Color  Margaret L. Hunter   
The Racial Contract  Charles W. Mills  sociopolitical theory 
The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House  Audre Lorde  essay 
Blues People  Amiri Baraka  musicology 
Guns, Germs and Steel  Jared Diamond  history of fates of human societies 
Superior: The Return of Race Science  Angela Saini  Racism in Biomedicine 
Pedagogy of the Oppressed  Paulo Freire  pedagogy 
Other People’s Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom  Lisa Delpit  pedagogy 
“Multiplication is for White People”: Raising Expectations for Other People’s Children  Lisa Delpit  pedagogy 
Political Prisoners, Prisons, and Black Liberation (1971)  Angela Davis   
The Fact of Blackness  Frantz Fanon   
The Hidden Cost of Being African American: How Wealth Perpetuates Inequality  Thomas Shapiro   
The End of Policing    dismantling the police 
we real cool: black men and masculinity  bell hooks   
Toward a Global Idea of Race  Denise Ferreira da Silva   
On Tyranny: twenty lessons from the twentieth century  Timothy Snyder  Social science/politics 
Vexy Thing  Imani Perry  Intersectional feminism 
Why I Am No Longer Talking To White People About Race  Reni Eddo-Lodge  whiteness/formations of race 
Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphillis Experiment  James H. Jones  black history and systemic racism 
Institutionalized Racism: A Syllabus  Catherine Halley  education & society 
Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe: An American Grammar Book  Hortense Spillers  Black Feminism 


Name  Medium  Handle  Platform(s)  Country 
Tyler Mitchell  Photography  @tylersphotos  IG   
Logan Sylve  Fine art  @lilblackgoat  IG  USA 
Ladene Clark  Fashion/Lifestyle  @ladene_clark  IG  USA 
ChuSuwannapha  Fashion design  @chusuwannapha  IG  South Africa 
Nkuley Masemola  Dance/visual art  @nkuleymasemola  IG  South Africa 
Yannis Davy Guibinga  Photography  @yannisdavy  IG  Canada 
Herman Kambala  Photography  @herman_kambala  IG  Congo, D.R. 
Nneka Ibeabuchi  Lifestyle/Influencer  @africanjawn  IG  USA 
Jaël Art  Photography/Videography  @antalyamts  FB/IG  Congo, D.R. 
Gabrielle Narcisse  Fine art  @gabrielleglitters  IG  USA 
SAI  Fashion/Lifestyle  @blackspicegurl  IG  USA 
Chuck Junior Achiké  Fine Art  @_chuckjunior  IG  Nigeria 
Anifa Mvuemba  Fashion design  @anifam  IG  Congo,D.R. 
Aida Muluneh  Film making  @aidamuluneh  IG  Ethiopia 
Billie Zangewa  Fabrics  @billiezangewa1  Twitter  Zimbabwe 
Zanele Muholi  Installations  @muholizanele  IG  South Africa 
Maty Biayenda  Fine Art  @bbiayenda  IG  Namibia 
Kwabena Appiah-Nti  Photography  @sekyii  IG  Netherlands 
Alexandria Couch  Fine art  @cosmocouch  IG  USA 
Ibrahim Kamara  Creative director  @ibkamara  IG  USA 
Amina Mucciolo  Fashion  @studiomucci  IG  USA 
Langston Amadi  collage/photography  @langstonamadi  IG  USA 
  Movies/video clips  @nollybabes  IG  USA 
Ciara Boniface  Film making  @ciaraboniface  IG  USA 
Sade Ndya  Cinematography  @sadendya  IG  USA 
Crwn Mag  Magazine  @crwnmag  IG  USA 
  Book club  @wellreadblackgirl  IG  USA 
The Conscious Kid  Education organization  @theconsciouskid  IG   
    @theccnyc  IG   
    @kanaiza.kanaiza  IG   
Gabrielle  Documentor + Curator  @fridacashflow  IG  USA 
    @torinashtun  IG   
Richie Pope  Illustrator/ Character Designer  @richiepope  IG  USA 
Awuradwoa Afful  Designer/ Animator  @rajiee  IG  Canada 
Kadir Nelson  Artist/ Writer  @kadirnelon  IG   
Shellene  Artist/ Illustrator  @shellenerodney  IG  Canada 
David A  Animator/ Illustrator  @indaviduall  IG   
Zouzouo Williams Obrou  Artist/ Illustrator  @weel_lee  IG  Italy 
Kevin Roualland  Director/ Designer/ Art Director  @kevinroualland  IG  France 
Gyimah Gariba  Artist/ Animator  @gyimahg  IG   
Morgan Bissant  Graphic Designer/ Illustrator  @morg_city  IG   
DJ Welch  Artist/ Animator  @djwelchart  IG  USA 
  Artist/ Illustrator  @kamo_988  IG   
B. Arakaki  Artist/ Illustrator  @heybiji  IG   
MISO (Kristen)  Artist/Illustrator  IG  USA 
DennisARTWORKS  Illustrator/ Character Designer  @dennis_artworks  IG   
Cameron Knight  Artist/ Illustrator  @cknightart  IG   
Freddy Carrasco  Artist/ Illustrator  @fredbread  IG   
Jeffrey Oyem  Illustrator  @jeff_oyem  IG   
Dominique D  Comic Artist/ Illustrator  @petalromance  IG   
  Comic Artist/ Illustrator  @endofdaysonmars  IG   
Abelle H  Illustrator/ Story Artist  @abellehayford  IG   
  Artist/ Illustrator  @nephelomancer  IG   
Geneva  Artist/ Illustrator  @gdbee  IG   
McFlyy Sensei  Artist/ Illustrator  @mcflyy  IG   
Francis  Illustrator/ Character Designer  @francojoe_art  IG   
ELOI  Illustrator  @viteloi  IG  Brazil 
Shirley Jackson  Artist/ Illustrator  @lioninthetrees  IG  Korea 
Nicole Miles  Comic Artist/ Illustrator  @nicolemillo  IG  UK 
Manny Edeko  Illustrator/ Character Designer  @manny.oe  IG  USA 
Kofi Ofosu  Illustrator/ Character Designer  @braku_star  IG   
Dominique Ramsey  Illustrator  @euqinimodart  IG   
  Animator/ Illustrator  @thenicoleham  IG   
  Artist/ Illustrator  @cbedfordart  IG   
Odera Igbokwe  Illustrator/ Painter  @odyism  IG   
STYLES  Illustrator/ Painter  @stylesosunde  IG   
  Artist/ Illustrator  @deericku  IG   
Lamaro Smith  Artist/ Storyteller  @lamarosmith  IG   
Darian Shepherd  Artist/ Illustrator  @dshepherd_art  IG  USA 
Queer Black People  Art Collective  @arthoecollective  IG  USA 
Peo Michie  Comic Artist/ Illustrator  @peomichie  IG   
Mattahan  Artist/ Illustrator  @mattahan  IG  Jamaica/ France 
Umba Daima Gallery  Digital African Art Gallery  @umbadaima  IG  African Artists 

Specific to AFS continents/countries 


Southeast Asia: 






Title  Writer/Director  Genre  Platform  Language 
I Am Not Your Negro  James Baldwin  Documentary  Kanopy   
Moonlight  Barry Jenkins  Drama  Netflix   
If Beale Street Could Talk  Barry Jenkins  Romantic Drama  Hulu   
Blindspotting  Daveed Diggs  Drama  Hulu   
The Hate U Give  George Tillman Jr  Drama  Hulu   
Selma  Ava DuVernay  Drama     
Ray  Taylor Hackford  Biopic     
BlacKkKlansman  Spike Lee  comedy crime     
Black Panther  Ryan Coogler  marvel superhero     
La Haine  Mathieu Kassovitz  Comedy/ Drama/ Crime film  YouTube  French 
13th  Ava DuVernay  Documentary  Netflix  English 
Mudbound  Dee Rees  Drama  Netflix  English 
Belle  Ama Asante  Romantic Drama     
Fruitvale Station  Ryan Coogler  Drama  Netflix  English 
Just Mercy  Destin Daniel Cretton  Drama    English 
GET OUT  Jordan Peele  horror/comedy    English 
Us  Jordan Peele  thriller    English 
Hidden Figures  Theodore Melfi  history drama    English 
Cry Freedom  Richard Attenborough  Drama    English 
12 Years a Slave  Steve McQueen  Drama  Netflix  English 
The Color Purple  Steven Spielberg  Drama     
The Last Black Man in San Francisco  Joe Talbot  Drama  Kanopy   
Zootopia  Byron Howard and Rich Moore  Animation     
Dolemite Is My Name  Craig Brewer  Comedy/Drama  Netflix   
Harriet  Kasi Lemmons  History/Drama     
Green Book  Peter Farrelly  Comedy/ Drama  Amazon  English 
The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson    Documentary  Netflix  English 
Paris Is Burning    Documentary    English 
Killer of Sheep  Charles Burnett  Thriller    English 
Atlantics  Mati Diop      Wolof/French 
Le Havre  Aki Kaurismäki      French 
Deadly Voyage  Stuart Urban      English 
Sonny Boy  Maria Peters      Dutch 
Come Back, Africa  Lionel Rogosin      English 
Black Panthers  Agnès Varda  Documentary  The Criterion Channel   
The Watermelon Woman  Cheryl Dunye    The Criterion Channel  English 
Nappily Ever After    Rom com  Netflix  English 
When They See Us  Ava DuVernay  Netflix 
Dear White People  Justin Simiens  Netflix 
She’s Gotta Have It  Spike Lee  Netflix 
Hollywood    Netflix 
Insecure  Issa Rae  HBO 
Orange is the New Black  Jenji Kohan  Netflix 
#BlackAF  Kenya Barris  Netflix 
Atlanta  Donald Glover  Netflix 
Luke Cage  Cheo Hodari Coker  Netflix 
Watchmen    HBO 
Girls from Ipanema    Netflix 


Title  Creator  Genre  Language  Online/Free Platform 
Code Switch  NPR  Society & Culture  English  Spotify, Apple, Google, NPR One, Pocket Casts 
1619  The New York Times  History and Society  English  Apple, Google, NYT Webpage 
Home Girls Unite  HomeGirlsUnite  Society & Culture  English  Spotify, Apple 
The Subtlety Of It  Nana Owusu  Identity  English  Spotify, Apple 
Black History Year  PushBlack  History and Society  English  Spotify, Apple 
Pod Save The People  Crooked Media  News/Activism  English  Everywhere you can find podcasts 
Say Your Mind  Kelechi Okafor    English  Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify and more 
Smart girl club  Princess Nokia  POC and queer space, intersectional feminism, spirituality  English  Soundcloud, other platforms? 
The voices in my head  Princess Nokia  feminism, black culture  English  Soundcloud, other platforms? 
About Race  Reni Eddo-Lodge  Race; politics; history  English  Free on website: 
BOLD  White People 4 Black Lives  race, politics, justice  English  Free on Patreon: