Volunteer Opportunities

As an AFS volunteer your time will help support intercultural learning in your local community by working with families, students and schools.  Whatever your skills and time available, AFS-USA is sure to have a role that fits with your interests!


Do you enjoy problem solving and working directly with international students? Volunteer "Liaisons" directly work with hosted students and families by serving as their primary contact during their exchange experience. Liaisons provide ongoing support for AFS students and their host families and as such, are key to the AFS support network.

Sending Volunteer

Are you interested in working with students who are applying to study abroad? "Sending Volunteers" work with students as they prepare to embark upon the experience of a lifetime! "Sending Volunteers" help students with their applications, interviews and orientations to make sure they are prepared to study abroad.

Hosting Volunteer

Do you enjoy networking with people in your community? Connect with prospective host families and schools in your community to prepare for students that will come to the United States to study!  "Hosting Volunteers" help make their community aware of hosting, help in the host family screening process as well as guide them through the process of selecting their student.

Orientation Volunteer

Do you enjoy working with American and international students?  If so, becoming an "Orientation Volunteer" might be the right role for you.  "Orientation Volunteers" work directly with students and families by providing important information that will help lead to the success of their AFS experience.

Volunteer Coordinator

The "Volunteer Coordinator" helps welcome new and returning volunteers on their team.  They assist volunteer applicants through the registration process and help match their skills to roles that are available on the team.  The "Volunteer Coordinator" is also crucial in recognizing volunteers for the important work they do.  If you enjoy working with people and helping them reach their full volunteer potential, this role is for you!

Returnee Positions

Did you just return from overseas or have been back a while and want to reconnect? You will have the opportunity to share your AFS experience in a variety of ways. Your support will also help the next generation of returnees as they adjust to life back at home.

Eric with AFS participants The impact that it creates in everyone involved: exchange students, host families, volunteers in general, the schools, the community, all leading towards intercultural understanding. Every single moment is inspiring when you understand the impact that is made in everyone's life through the AFS mission.- Eric Lomeli, Voluneer in San Antonio