Western New York Area Team

Welcome to Your WNY Area Team

We hope everyone is making it through this (reletively) easy winter. 

As of now, the next item that we have scheduled is the Zoo Snooz. This is the over-nighter at the Buffalo Zoo that is open to all exchange students, thier high school age siblings and friends. The date for this is March 24-25 and details can be found on the Docs and Info tab

New York City is in late April (27th - 30th). with infomation on the Info and Docs tab. 

Details for Disney is also posted on the Docs and Info page. Flights have been confirmed, so for those of you that are planning on going, make sure your payments are in.

Beleive it or not, we are already starting to ramp up for next years students. We already have a few placed, so start to talk it up with other families, co-workers, or any other great peoiple who will listen.

On a continuing reminder - families, students, and volunteers, please check your e-mails for AFS updates.

Make sure that e-mails from AFS or the local volunteers do not get lost in a "spam", "junk", or "clutter" folder (if your e-mail has a spam folder, check it occasionally).

As always, thank you for your support.

As always, if you have any suggestions or comments on the web site's content, let me know.

Best regards - Steve