Western New York

Welcome to Your WNY Area Team

All 35 AFS WNY students have arrived!!!!!!

Welcome to the class of 16-17!

We hope everyone's year is starting off well. 

Our next item is the AFS WNY Family Picnic combined with the Post Arrival Orientation. It will be Sunday, 10/02/16.

Later that same week, we will have our Washington D.C. trip leaving Friday 10/07/16 morning and returning Sunday 10/10 evening.

I have posted the AFS WNY 2015-2016 video to YouTube and the link is available on our Docs and Info tab. It is the first time I have gone this route, but so far, it seems good.

On a continuing reminder - families, students, and volunteers, please check your e-mails for AFS updates.

Make sure that e-mails from AFS or the local volunteers do not get lost in a "spam", "junk", or "clutter" folder (if your e-mail has a spam folder, check it occasionally).

As always, thank you for your support.

As always, if you have any suggestions or comments on the web site's content, let me know.

Best regards - Steve